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Ownership of property What are t tenants and tenants in common? What if I want to change from a t tenancy to a tenancy in common? Why is it important to sever a t tenancy? What if we own the property as tenants in common?


Expenses continue to accumulate, even when spouses are separated, including house expenses, loan payments and family expenses. Spouses who are separated face an important question: Who will pay for expenses now that they are no longer together? Who will pay house expenses depends on the needs, finances and general situation of each spouse. Both of them must act in good faith and show common sense until they reach an agreement or until a court decision decides who pays for what.

Shared care in child maintenance cases

John and Irene have separated. During their marriage, John made the mortgage payments while Irene paid for the groceries and made the car payments. Both of them want to live in the house after the divorce is final. During the divorce proceedings, they asked for a judge to make an emergency decision about who is allowed to stay in the house and on what conditions.

They have to wait a few days or weeks for the judge to hear their request. Sometimes, one spouse decides to stop paying his or her share.

Is this allowed? What can the other spouse do? Here are a few solutions:. The spouse who makes the payments should keep proof of payment e.

If one of the spouses no longer lives in the house, that spouse can continue to pay his or her share of the expenses and ask for financial compensation from the other spouse for not being allowed to use the house. The spouses could also agree that the person living in the house pays all of the house expenses, but gives up the right to claim compensation from the other spouse, who has given up the right to live there. John owns the house, but he has gone to live somewhere else. He is refusing to pay the expenses for the house his wife Irene lives in, even if he is able to. She can ask a judge to make an emergency decision ordering John to pay some of the house expenses.

In some cases, neither spouse can pay the house expenses after the separation.

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In this case, they can consider putting the house up for sale. In all cases, it can be very helpful for the spouses to advise their bank or financial institution of their situation. If the spouses rent, what happens when the spouse who ed the lease leaves after the separation and stops paying? Usually, the spouse who ed the lease must pay. In other words, the spouse who is no longer paying rent can be sued, and the other spouse might be forced to leave the apartment.

To avoid having to leave, the spouse who did not the lease can pay the rent and ask a judge for an emergency decision giving exclusive right to live in the apartment.

To do this, the spouse whose name is not on the lease must send a written notice to the owner within two months after the separation. Once this spouse is on the lease, he or she must pay the rent. When a couple separates, one spouse might be making payments for the other spouse to avoid losing important property or to prevent damage to his or her credit rating.

The spouse paying can ask to be paid back, no matter the reason. This spouse will generally be refunded, but there is no guarantee. It is important to keep proof of payment e. In addition, since the refund of expenses is not considered urgent, the spouse must wait for the final divorce judgment to learn whether or not the judge will order reimbursement. However, the spouse paying can ask the judge to make an emergency decision to temporarily settle which spouse is responsible for which expenses.

The spouse paying can also try to reach an agreement with the other spouse before paying an expense. Usually, the money in a t bank must be divided equally.

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The spouses can call the bank together to cancel a t credit card. If one spouse used the card after the separation, the other spouse can demand that he or she pay the entire credit card bill. Each situation is unique. Sometimes one spouse takes on full responsibility for the children after the separation.

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Usually, the spouse who does not have custody must pay child support to the other. If the spouse without custody does not make the equivalent to child support payments, the one with custody can claim the amount the other was supposed to pay. This is not a legal opinion nor legal advice. To find out the specific rules for your situation, consult a lawyer or notary. The Law by Topic. Paying Expenses When Spouses Separate. House Expenses Who will pay house expenses depends on the needs, finances and general situation of each spouse. Example John and Irene have separated. Only One Spouse Owns the House.

Both Spouses Own the House. It is generally in the interest of the spouse who owns the house to make sure the taxes, mortgage and house insurance are paid. If these payments are not made, the bank or the city could get a court decision against the spouse who owns the house, and then seize and sell the property. The spouse who does not own the house but who lives in it contributes to paying the expenses according to what he or she can afford.

The spouse responsible for any payments should continue to pay them.

For example, imagine that the house belongs only to John, but Irene is also responsible for mortgage payments to the bank. If John does not pay, the bank could go after both Irene and John. The spouses should in principle share the house expenses e.

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If one of the spouses refuses or neglects to pay his or her share, the other could pay it and then ask to be reimbursed. Example John owns the house, but he has gone to live somewhere else. Are you sure that you want to quit? The audio player will be closed when you change .

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Although you might want—or need—to physically separate from your spouse while your divorce is pending, strong financial and emotional connections to your family home can make the decision to move out a difficult one.