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  • Years:
  • I'm 48 years old
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  • Scottish
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  • I like man
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  • Big gray
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  • I'm lady
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  • I've long brunet hair
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  • Liqueur
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  • Riding a horse


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He chatted me up a bit and when he told me about his fetish I was floored. Shortly after that experience, I had a devo impersonate a disabled woman, and I felt violated as I had shared personal information. That was 14 years ago, and I kept my distance from devos ever since… until recently.

This online adventure has been not only been fascinating but eye-opening. My experience has been these people are split into two types — creeps and awkward turtles. Then there are the awkward turtles or as they prefer, admirers. These are the guys wanting the whole shebang with a disabled partner — kids, house, marriage, and so on.

In fact, after talking to multiple admirers I came to find they appear to be pretty average guys, or above average.

Some of them are successful and educated, but what is it about a disabled person that does the trick? I created an anonymous survey that gathered some interesting information. I found it interesting to find commonalities among their answers.

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I quickly came to realize foot fetishes seem to be common among devos and admirers. A few started with a foot fetish that evolved into being a devo, as they appreciate the soft, clean feet.

As I researched foot fetishes I found that podophilia, foot fetishism, is the most common of the sexual fetishes. This is specifically common among admirers, not devos, as devos often identified their attraction in their early childhood years. It seems as though these people liked helping the other person, they liked the fact they were needed, and they felt safe. Some had cared for someone growing up, and they were comfortable with that. The apparent vulnerability is attractive to both devos and admirers.

Devos like to dominate but admirers are less sinister, dare I say, insecure? The confidence level of these admirers is generally pretty low. Many of them would self-deprecate without even realizing it. Ironically many of them pointed out they liked intelligent, assertive women with disabilities. However, when I read a devo erotic story they portrayed her as independent, but very insecure.

Single girl devotees interested in disabled dating

The devo character would reassure her often and she was grateful for his attention. Reading the story made me realize more than anythingsome of these people are just desperate for love and a connection. They yearn to be needed, appreciated, and indispensable.

I talked with a woman who had relations with a quad she was caring for, and she pointed out that she felt safe with him. She went on to explain her years of sexual abuse asand it just made sense. Why is it woman are the only ones we assume need to feel safe? I think many of these men have the same basis for their emotions, many men have been emotionally or physically abused by women as children.

A lot of these guys are rescuers. T here are also a small group that are disabled themselves. They expressed comfort in a partner that shared the same issues. Many of them have rational reasons for their abnormal behaviors. This is where it gets interesting. I suspect we think it weird because society has desexualized disabled people.

People with disabilities have practically no sexual portrayal in media, just try and imagine the last time you saw Hollywood portray a disabled individual as a sex symbol? Have we created the shame?

Hot wheels: the world of wheelchair fetishists and disability devotees

The obsessiveness and lies are concerning. One of these guys found me in his teens over 10 years ago on Myspace, and he continues to follow me now at Do they really think that works? I think their awkward online interactions reflect their real-life relationships. Furthermore, getting the full truth out of most of these guys is practically impossible. One man had created an entire fake persona through his fake profile.

When I screenshot it and confronted him he got angry. Ten minutes later he was inviting me to a villa in Lake Como. They love something that has caused and continues to cause me so much anguish.

It would detract sexually for me seeing my partner aroused by something that frustrates me every day. I want my partner to want the best for me, and the best thing would be working legs. That should not turn my partner on, that should make my partner sad. That being said, one man pointed out how emotionally upset he got over watching his date struggle, almost to the point of crying.

However, he did not cry, he just watched her drag herself — while Wheelchair devotee sites got a hard-on. It really is individual, each person with their own reasons. Raised by a strong mother who had an insatiable appetite for any educational psychology materials, Gina swears she was raised by an und psychologist which led to her being so introspective. The devotee. When I was a younger in my injury I got the devos and the porn sites hitting me up, but not so much now. Devotees can be in wheelchairs too. This caricature of a Devotee of woman in wheelchairs is commonly portrayed in disability publications.

Who are these people that are not only willing but wanting to take on the challenge of a disabled partner? Then there was a shocking commonality among admirers. Some of them did not develop their fondness at a young age, rather, after dating and loving someone with a disability that grew into their preference. Many of us have had those negative interactions I touched on at the beginning, but why do we shame them? Different people had different motivators, most of which were sexual.

Trusted disabled dating

I guess more than anything I wanted to open the door into the mind of the devotee and admirer. Flip through the responses to step into the mind and come up with your own judgment. About the Author Latest Posts. Facebook Instagram. Follow on Instagram. Subscribe to Our Newsletter. Subscribe to PUSHLiving's newsletters so you never miss out on new features, podcasts, travel opportunities, news or fabulous items for your Wheelchair Lifestyle.

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