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  • 23
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  • I have wavy ash-blond hair
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  • Spanish
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  • My figure type is muscular
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  • Liqueur
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  • Diving
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  • Yes


All women know that as soon as you put on a pair of high heels a whole outfit can suddenly be transformed. When you wear high heels you feel like your legs are longer and shapelier, so you look better in skirts and tight jeans. High heels also make your hips swing as you walk, which means you get more attention when you walk past a guy because his eyes are drawn to your bum!


Just some observations on my thoughts about people wearing heels to bed to become permanently heeled. First, when I do wear my heels to bed even my ultrasmy feet are not locked into position or even in much of a different angle as when I sleep without them. When I sleep without them, my toes are always pointed and feet flat anyways always have beenespecially when I sleep on my stomach.

So, to me, shoes aren't really stretching my feet any while in bed. Second, I always kick them off during the night anyways! LOL I am just wondering how wearing heels to bed would make one become permanent when, to me, they don't hold the feet in any more of an angle even my ultra's then I always sleep in I tend to agree with you, StilletoScot, about wearing heels to bed.

When I wear any kind of pumps, my feet are basically in the same position as I would sleep without them on. However, if I decide to wear my 6" ankle boots to bed, now my feet are held in a position that would over time contribute to being permanently heeled. My ballet boots would have the same effect.

So, I guess it really depends on what you are wearing to bed. I occasionaly wear my ballet boots to bed and I ussaly can sleep with them for about an hour before taking them off.

Twice I wore 4" pumps to bed kept them on the entire nightand the next morning, it was even easier to wear heels during the day then when I first put them on ly. These pumps are a bit on the large size, so there was never ever foot pain during the night, just the stretching of the foot due to the heel, exactly what I was looking for. How do you sleep in the bed? On your back?? Most of the time I slept on my back, though I don't remember not being able to lay on my side or turn over. I did take some heavier-plastic supermarket-type plastic bags, wrap them around my shoes, and then secure them around my ankle with a rubberband.

Certainly not attractivebut effective at making sure the heels didn't get snagged in the sheets. In order to get stretch, you need to keep the heels parallel to your legs.

Even in 7" heels, you could bend your foot forward so it's perpendicular to your legand you'd get no stretch at all it would be like you'll wearing flats. I see. Now, when I sleep on my stomach heels worn or nomy feet stay pretty much verticle all night with no stretch. I'm thinking maybe wearing boots of some sort would stop any kind of foot movement back to normal??

I sleep on my stomach.

High heels on a bed premium high res photos

I have slept in heels and my ballet boots and noticed that walking in heels the next day was easier. The heels I have slept in were always heels I could not kick off during the night.

In that position face downyour toes should be touching the bed, as would your knees. Any covers you have on especially if heavy and tucked in at the bottom of the bed should be pushing down on your heel, effectively forcing your foot to stretch the some degree. This combined with wearing heels, I'm not sure how you can't be getting stretched. Are you saying that your feet don't actually bend approaching a vertical position, a la ballet danceror that come the morning, you don't think you've benefitted from sleeping in your heels?

How often do you wear heels, and what height?

Any combination of "often" and "high" might already be providing enough stretch for you. If you're already wearing high heels regularly, I have to think that the best thing for providing stretch. I'm thinking that sleeping is heels is more for people that can't spend that much time walking in heels.

Thanks for your insights.

My feet bend past verticle without stretching, so when laying on my stomach, my feet at verticle isn't reaching the stretch point and the next morning they feel the same as they have since I can remember. Think my ankles are too flexible now to benefit from regular sleep type heeling??

My opinion would be yes. I'm no where near that flexible; maybe others closer to your level might comment if you get to a point where there's seemingly little to no further improvement. Are you able to keep your knees straight not bent? How long are your steps more than the length of a shoe? If so, you might have hit the flexibility limits you need to be able to walk in heels this high, and now you need to just build up the endurance probably ankle strength, plus balance to be able to walk in them longer.

Well, a few times I have slept in the heels - sometime waking in the middl of the night to remove them As I am tall, my feet hnd over the bed, and sleeping on my stomach places my legs and feet is position similar to standing.

High heels bed images

I have a pair of 7" pumps that just bend my toes to a very tight angle - where my typical 5 inch heels are more comfortable. I have never mastered waliking in the 76 inch heels, as my knees have a small bend in them to retain a balance. The 5''s are never a problem - though my comfortable stride in them reduces to about 2 feet as mentioned.

My first attempt Hy, I don't see the problem wearing heels in bed. I do it for ohh allmost 30 years in 7" heels standard and sometimes ballet. I can"t image not wearing heels while asleep. And I don't 'lose' my shoes course allways wearing my oxfords or boots.

How to have sex in high heels

And I don't damage my sheets for learing how to sleep in heels. Even in silk sheets. You need advise? No, I was just getting thoughts on why it doesn't seem to stretch my feet, even in 7"ers Are you permenantly heeled? But indoors and in bed I'm allways wearing heels. Taking off my heels I have to "adjust" my feet in lowering. Depending on the time I was wearing heels, it takes a time. Greatings, heelfeel. I am wearing heels cm always at home, my gf supports me. Most time i sleep in heels, boots that can not be removed easily during the night.

In order to get my feet adjusted to higher heels i found out a new method. Just see the pic. I can sleep in this position for about 2 to 3 hours before i ll free my feet, but i will keep the boots on.

My knees are still bend while walking with this 16 cm heels but it will get better every day night. The main thing I like to do is to do chores around the house when no one is home. It is those simple actions for me that just make it more natural overall. That way you don't just get good at walking forward, but bending over, precariously stepping over dirty clothes, and many other actions also. One of my goals in life is to have enough disposable income to purchase a pair of Christian Louboutin's.

Oooh, boy. Makes me wanna sleep in my 5. See if it does anything the next day.

Thinkin of doing it this weekend coming. I just received the same boots today but in non-shiny black and I can't wait to sleep in them as they lock the ankle even when not standing.

I knew I couldnt master walking in them and I must admit I bought them to stretch while sleeping. And because they are beautiful And because one day I'll master walking in them. Those Hollywood Heels Deranged boots are some of the very toughest to walk in, so if you can't master them, don't feel bad.

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