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  • Years:
  • I'm 27 years old
  • Figure type:
  • My figure type is slender
  • What is my favourite drink:
  • Rum
  • Music:
  • Country
  • I like:
  • I like shopping


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If you check out my fanfiction. Will update whenever I post a new fic.

My fanfiction

AO3 Profile Link: Irissswests. Smut and fluff, no plot.

And he hears it; she sees the way his hand freezes on the doorknob and the way his entire body tenses. Based off the 3x10 extended promo. A continuation of what I want to see in the scene where Barry tells Iris about seeing her murdered in the future. Iris struggles with the fallout from the kiss and teh reveal that Barry is The Flash as she tries to figure out her own feelings for him and what she wants. How do you think I feel when you leave and it might be the last time I see you? You have powers but you never know what could happen.

Something out of your control. You could be killed! Barry is pissed when Iris puts herself in danger. And they fight over his need for her to be safe and her need to do her job. Not with her between his legs and her face in his neck and her hands twisting in his shirt, now with his hand slipping under her shirt resting on her lower back.

Call me kara contains examples of:

Not with the current standing of the relationship in some sort of weird limbo. But it just feels right.

Without his speed Barry can get drunk again. May be more than one chapter for each episode.

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Can be read in any order. There is mention of sexy times, not really smut, and nothing super explicit. What if Zoom took Iris instead of Wally? Angst with a happy ending.

A love between earths ~ a superflash fanfic ~

Title from the song Hanging by a Moment by Lifehouse. Then Now After. Instead they end up on the Jitters Rooftop. Romance, fluff.

Part 1. Part 2. Happy ending. A much happier ending.

A love between earths ~ a superflash fanfic ~

A continuation of the dinner scene. Part 1 Part 2. Barry is her home.

With a little scene added in the middle. Written before 2x21 aired. Essentially smut, but not super explicit. After blaming himself for Iris getting hurt, Barry finally visits her in the hospital and lets go of is guilt.

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Arrow fanfiction felicity cold 06 Jan Damien Darhk awoke in cold and dark space.


Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts?


I write and post every now and then when I'm not working or writing my original work.


It was meant to be a break.