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Do you like Strip Poker? Or are you simply looking for a more risque, adult drinking game? If so, then the Stripping drinking game is exactly what you want. There are even a few different ways you can play this game as well. One thing for sure is that clothes will likely be coming off when you play the Stripping drinking game!


There is a 'dirty' variant for Mage knight. I haven't played it but Mage knight the base game is great and quite nerdy.

A friend and I once created a detailed rule set for turning Trivial Pursuit into the most debauched game possible, with rules for stripping, drinking, and gambling. I don't have our original rules anymore, but I think the basic idea was that if you fail on a pie piece question, you lose clothing.

And drink.

Stripping drinking game: rules and how to play

But if you get the question right, everyone else loses clothing. Everyone starts with six items of clothing, and if you lose them all, you have to go to the center and answer questions to win some back, because you can't win the game naked though you can win at lifeand you can't answer pie piece questions without clothes to wager.

But you drink if you fail clothes questions also. And there's an ante-in kitty that goes to the winner, plus other players may bet clothing, drinks, or money on whether the active player will get their question right, with a round of betting before the question is read and another after.

4 strip card games: a twist on originals

It was almost enough to make Trivial Pursuit fun. All board games?

Just add when something bad happens the player it happened to loses a piece of clothing. Every time you cook an animal or vegetable for food you lose a piece of clothing. Skull and Roses.

10 party games that become a lot more exciting with strip rules

Instead of losing a card, lose an item of clothing. Can't stop.

It's an older press your luck dice game. Maybe every time you fail the role lose a piece of clothing, when ever you claim a row pick some one else to lose.

Best board games for getting naked

Anomia - can work well with this. Lose clothes instead of bullets.

If you wanted to get a little crazier winner gets to bangs who or how they want. I feel like you could do King of Tokyo and use clothing in place of health points.

Found the internet! Posted by 8 years ago. The nerdier, the better. Preferably good for 2 player, as well.

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25 sexy strip games for couples

Ghost Stories. This is amazing.

Anything that involves trading between players. I'll have your bra for some sheep? Continue this thread. Ameritrash Connoisseur. What games do you already enjoy? Dominion, battle star galactica, resistance Dominion would be good as long as curse cards were in play Lords of Twilight Volk! I can hardly believe it hasn't been said yet.

These are all awesome ideas :-D. More posts from the boardgames community.

Strip monopoly rules

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Just like strip poker, Strip Monopoly involves taking off one piece of clothing at a time, until the loser is naked.


Strip card games offer players something different than the same old poker, euchre or bridge game.


I can generally find something enjoyable in even the worst trash.


Strip games are regular board games that have been adapted; for every point lost, the loser removes an article of clothing.