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The characters in Titans and Teen Titans are clearly the same, yet, they share very distinct personalities from one another. One of the most prominent examples of this is Starfire. Her animated and live-action counterparts could not be more different from one another, which makes them very separate characters from one another. Today, we'll be deciding which of the two is better. Kory is a much darker character in the live-action show than her animated counterpart.


Superhero couples are one of the few things that make comics so fun to follow, and there are few quite as iconic as Robin and Starfire within the DC Universe. These two staple Teen Titans members come from completely different worlds, quite literally, which adds an intriguing dynamic to their relationship. Starfire is a much less recognized character, but can usually be identified as the alien with fiery red hair that becomes an integral part of the Teen Titans. Much is known about them as individuals, but how many of you can say you truly know them as a couple? With the two bound to pair off soon in the Titans series, it is crucial for you to understand how the two came to be, and what exactly makes them one of the most interesting couples in the DC Universe move over Superman and Lois Lane.

While the show may have a different interpretation than fans are used to, the two have a long history and there have been many different versions of the characters.

Dc super hero girls intergalactic sisters blackfire and starfire 2 pack doll set

Being of a foreign alien race, Starfire came to Earth with no prior training in the English language, and she was unable to communicate with anyone until kissing Robin, who seemed to be the only English-speaking human available. Tamaraneans learn English by skin-to-skin contact, which usually is exhibited by the act of kissing.

During their first interaction, where Robin ironically believed her to be a dangerous alien threat, the two share their first kiss.

In fact, neither of them considered that moment to be their real first kiss, as there was no romantic overtone to it. Karras ironically carried no true feelings for Starfire either, but the whole ordeal still rubbed Robin the wrong way anyway. Her second marriage, with General Phy'zzon, also a Tamaranean, would take place well after her relationship with Dick Grayson, however, this one took place out of love.

Various females x male reader (a lot of animes, videogames, movies etc)

Despite coming into contact with her twice, Batman has failed to show any evidence that he knows the two are in a romantic relationship. If they would go on to date in the show, considering right now Robin is on the outs with Batman, it is likely that he wouldn't know on the show either. Tragedy seems to be an ongoing trend with superheroes, and unfortunately, this has been the case with both Starfire and Robin. He was of course later adopted by Bruce Wayne and trained to be his sidekick in fighting crime.

Starfire was also later adopted, but by a fellow Tamaranean named Galfore.

The best relationships are the ones that help us move past or transgressions and become better people. A reality that may have rung true for both parties. While it was Robin that influenced Starfire to inherit vigilantism, Starfire would be the one responsible for Dick Grayson discovering his new crime-fighting identity, Nightwing. Starfire inspired Grayson at a point in his life where he was conflicted with his Robin title and his affiliation with Batman.

It took someone that Robin not only loved, but also trusted to come to this resolution. No need to avoid the elephant in the room concerning these two.

While interracial dating is nothing new in the DC Universe, Interspecies dating is a whole other topic of debate. While Robin is clearly human, Starfire is of an alien species called Tamaranean. They descend from the planet Tamaran and are characterized by their green eyes, orange skin, and red hair.

They luckily are also humanoids, meaning they take the same form as most humans, which makes things a little less uncomfortable in public situations. Jason Todd was the Robin that took the mantle after Dick Grayson abandoned the title and took to being Nightwing. While brief, Jason and Starfire were romantically involved during the New 52 comics.

This transpired after her relationship with Dick, when Starfire ed forces with Jason in a vigilante group called The Outlaws. Now that the two Robins appear on Titansfans are wondering if Jason will end up crushing on Starfire.

There comes a time in a relationship where one party just needs space. For Robin and Starfire, that time came in a literal sense. This was a revelation that seemed to haunt her for some time. While this did help cool their relationship, things never heated up like this before after this event took place. However, the love was still there, with the two often going off and on.

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It just happens to be one of the downfalls in a relationship when your girlfriend can fly. The difference in height is also not as noticeable when the two are together, as Starfire is regularly seen levitating or flying. It just so happens that most Tamaraneans are naturally taller than most humans, but Robin has managed to make up for his shortcomings in other areas. Starfire may have well over a years of life experience on Robin, but the Boy Wonder has been around the block a few more times when it comes to relationships. While Grayson has been a bachelor all of his life, Starfire was married twice, and once only to solidify a peace treaty.

In the show, Titans, we get an inside look to his dating life, as it was shown he had a short fling with the superhero Dove. Starfire is years old in Tamaran years, making her much more mature than her teenage colleagues, despite her youthful appearance.

Robin, on the other hand, was about 16 when he first met Starfire, making their relationship not only unorthodox but brings in the question of legality. Luckily, in Titans, they fixed that issue as they Starfire and blackfire lemon made Dick an adult. Superheroes all have their own special way to fight crime.

Starfire raven blackfire teen titans wikia png

When it comes to Starfire. Her natural thick skin also makes her nearly impenetrable to conventional means of damage. Robin and Starfire may have been a match made in heaven, but the two were never able to take that final step in their relationship. Robin did propose to Starfire; however, their ceremony was thwarted by Raven, who was evil at the time. Call it cold feet, but Starfire suggested that they take a break after that. Sadly, a second marriage proposal never followed. Lost and scared on a new foreign planet, Robin became the first person outside of her legal guardian that she could place genuine trust in, and the first person who took the time to understand her.

Robin introducing her to the Teen Titans was a pivotal point in Starfire learning to not only trust humans, but learning how to love one. Her abilities, most notably her starbolts and power of flight, are directly linked to her emotions.

Various females x male reader (a lot of animes, videogames, movies etc)

This was exhibited at a point where she believed Robin no longer cared for her, and she lost the ability to fly. In hindsight, this can often work in her favor, as if she frustrated or enraged, Starfire and blackfire lemon abilities are amplified. Her attempts to split them up has spanned from forcing her sister into a ceremonial marriage Starfire and blackfire lemon another alien species, attempting to seduce Robin herself, and just plain murder attempts.

Blackfire seems to have no real interest in Robin or the other Titans, but she recognizes that these individuals disable her to oppress her sister as she once had. Her jealousy of her sister is pushed to new heights when she sees how happy Robin makes her. This was the case during the Kingdom Come future timeline, where Robin and Starfire had a daughter together who would go on to become a superhero, just like Mom and Pops.

One would assume the Teen Titan member named after a bird would be able to achieve flight, however, that would be wrong. Starfire is the only one in this relationship that can go airborne and this ability also allows her to travel through the atmosphere and into outer space. Good luck trying to keep up with her as well, as she commonly clocks in around the speed of light at the peak of her powers.

It can't be the most fun part of getting into an argument with her. While most Tamaraneans have been born with this ability, some lose it through hood disease. Starfire, on the other hand, is of an alien race descendant from cats, much like how humans are believed to be evolved from apes. Starfire is shown to become a cat when all the characters are reverted to their primitive states. A superhero couple that fights crime together, stays together.

The two have met and fought alongside each other on the Teen Titans for a majority of their relationship, but their stories have led them to other factions, and not always as a couple. Starfire is seen to actually hook up with Jason Todd, the second iteration of Robin when she s the Outlaws, but it fails to go any further as she still had feelings for Dick.

Most teams she would following the Titans were in order to get closer to him. What do you think is strange about these two Titans? Let us know in the comments! By Jamie Leslie Published Nov 15, Share Share Tweet 0. Related Topics Lists teen titans titans teen titans go.

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She asks Beast Boy to show her what sex and love means for people on Earth, and the changeling ends up teaching the alien a few things.


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