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Anna is starting a new year at Disney Highschool without her older sister, Elsa, by her side.


Tagging: aqhrodites acastleintheair suplosers peterjonesparker here-be-spideychelle olicitylover4life daisypeterparker. And the lovesick dears being hot messes.

Tom holland fanfiction — karen: *speaking aloud* peter, mj’s pheromone

Tagging: aqhrodites acastleintheair here-be-spideychelle daisypeterparker suplosers olicitylover4life spideychelle-romanogers. Originally posted by seizethemolly. Summary: You and Peter are best friends, just friends.

So how could one night have you questioning your friendship? You were simply just friends. So, why were you here, staring at your ceiling in the middle of the night, with only thoughts of Peter? You continued to stare at your ceiling as you replayed the scene over and over again in your head.

While Peter was leaning against the headboard doing homework. You let out a long sigh for what felt like the hundredth time in the past 5 minutes. At least you know she was interested in you. He asked me out last week by the way. Anyway Mike asked me after the football game last Friday.

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I think he cried after I said no. Peter hesitated before shifting closer. You sighed still staring at your bedroom ceiling, questioning these new feelings you had for your best friend. Originally posted by tomhollandcouk. Keep reading. You loved it when Tom got in moods like this, loved the way he practically clung to you no matter what you were doing.

You knew that it had a lot to do with the fact that whenever he got home from filming or had a break that he wanted to spend as much time with you as possible, not wanting to be away from you at all. His heart swelled with adoration at the way that you took care of things around the house, never complaining along the way. He was thankful for you, thankful for this little piece of his life that was normal. You were a constant in his fast pace lifestyle, always staying Spiderman pheromones fanfiction when everything else rushed passed him.

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Your eyebrows were pinched together, concern flooding your features as you looked at him, trying to figure out what was going on in his head. He pressed his thumb against the wrinkles in between your eyes, smiling at the way your eyes fluttered closed at the feeling.

It was something that he had gotten in the habit of doing when he saw that you were worried or stressing over something. Tom smiled into the kiss, enjoying the warmth that was spreading throughout his body.

Tom holland fanfiction — karen: *speaking aloud* peter, mj’s pheromone

All it took was one kiss from you and he felt like he was falling in love Spiderman pheromones fanfiction you all over again. Now come on, I believe that I promised you that we would cuddle in bed for the rest of the day. His arms wrapped around your waist, his face hiding in the crook of your neck as he memorized the way that you felt. Sighing into the kiss, you laid your head down on his chest, fingers running up and down his stomach.

His eyes fluttered closed at the feeling as he slowly drifted off to sleep. Laying your head back down on his chest, you closed your eyes, letting yourself enjoy the little moments, committing them to your memory for the next time he went away. Tom groaned as he leaned his head against the side of the tub, his throat hoarse and scratchy, sweat dripping down his back. He knew that he was sick, knew the moment that he felt his stomach flip at the idea of even trying to eat something this morning.

He had been in the guest bathroom for almost an hour.

Badasswomen stories

Each time he tried to stand up, he got dizzy, his eyes fluttering closed and his head pounding, stomaching lurching all over again at even the smallest of movements. Even for him it had been a bit early to be up. Just let me in. You had your suspicions that Tom was getting sick when you saw how pale he was the night before, his skin hot to the touch and dark bags underneath his eyes. But he was stubborn, insisting that he was fine and if he was sick then he could take care of himself. His hair was damp and all over the place, sweat running down his shoulders and his back.

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Can take care of myself. So let me take care of you.

Sitting him down on the bed, you grabbed a clean pair of boxers and sweatpants, helping him get dressed before sliding him underneath the covers. Just wanna take care of you. Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Peter : O. Oh fucking boy Well MJ has been able to get things under control by lunch time. Peter just sits there, looking down at the table for the remainder of lunch until they can finally leave. And the lovesick dears being hot messes Tagging: aqhrodites acastleintheair here-be-spideychelle daisypeterparker suplosers olicitylover4life spideychelle-romanogers.

Reading a really bad fanfiction: Originally posted by seizethemolly.

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The answer was simple, your best friend Peter Parker had almost kissed you only hours before. Just let me finish this. You continued playing on your phone until Peter finished. Pizza or Thai? Maximum fluff. Tom is needy and wants to cuddle and you're not mad at it at all.

Peter: mr. See this in the app Show more.

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Peter was now dressed in his new spider suit, it looked like his old costume but it now had a giant white spider in the center of his chest and back.


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