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  • Female
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  • Virgo
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  • Champagne
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  • Hunting


She sighed, pressing her palms against her temples, rubbing them in slow circles. Her other hand traced a slow line up her stomach to cup her breast, and she moaned again as she pressed the rough fabric against her nipple. As long as you carry the transformator functioner henceforth referred to as " tf device" on your person, you need only think about suiting-up and the technology in the tf device will obey and begin the transformation process. SerathinAnnouncementTransformationtournament. She was trembling in her stance, feeling a growing mix of nerves and excitement from within, and knowing that the outward show of it was a warm, slow trickle of juices down the inside of her thighs.


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The young man was large for his age, heavily muscled with a thick neck and a square jaw. His coach and nearly pissed himself ing the young man up to the football team. I swear to fucking god. At the conclusion to the story, Heather succumbs to her thirst and learns what happens when she loses control.

Welcome to the modern goddess

Heather lost track of her dreams, memories and reality. She dreamed she was flying and it was as glorious as she remembered.

Wind buffeted her face and fur and she spiraled down to the ground before swooping back up. Catching prey in flight.

The changing mirror

Claws rending flesh. The smell of blood filling the air. The rush of excitement from the chase and the kill. Bright morning light peeked around the edge of the thick, red curtains of their east-facing window. Heather groaned as her eyes fluttered open. Her body felt heavily and useless, as if she were buried under the thick, old quilt.

Her freckles stood out in harsh contrast against her pale skin. Do you still not want to get up?

Wishing for a slow change

He stopped, eyes wide and watching as an increasingly small part of him worried about how he looked. A warm breeze caressed his soft, hairless cheek and he shivered in pleasure.

Goosebumps rose from his arms and the young man hugged himself, hands rubbing against his arms. An older gentleman walked by and Robert watched him pass.

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Karyn hummed to herself as she closed her apartment door. She wore a pair of old, white running shoes along with her bright pink scrubs. A light black jacket and small backpack completed her outfit. She walked down the hallway to the stairs, skipping steps gleefully until she reached the bottom.

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The sun lay low on the horizon, half-hidden behind the taller buildings downtown. Karyn raised her face to the sun with her eyes closed, smiling for no other reason than happiness at being outside. Paul stood to the side of the door. His hands were loose against his sides and his eyes roamed ceaselessly along the hallway.

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The young woman looked up at him and smiled. Her smile deepened and the faint hints of dimples appeared. Turning, she walked toward her aide and continued down the hallway while he followed behind her. She clutched at the dream as she woke; rarely were they as happy and simple as the one she was waking from.

Usually, she dreamed of huge, dark figures moving slowly across a shattered landscape.

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She was nearly always being chased by something in those dreams while, around her, people screamed in pain and terror. Massive velvet curtains blocked all outside light to the room. A huge mahogany desk lived in an oasis of soft yellow light that emanated from dark green lamps. The world beyond was darkness and the pale, overweight man sitting behind the desk looked as if he had lived his entire life in that tiny realm. This is from a commission that I failed to complete on time.

Not just failed but spectacularly failed. Her jaw cracked, mouth opening wide before she lowered her arms, twisting each t.

Part 3 of 4. Heather begins to change as night approaches.

Heather thought wearily. Speaking seemed to take too much effort. The walk to the local bus stop was short and Karyn nearly danced the entire way.

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You chew on your pen, thinking about what to wish for.


Welcome To The Modern Goddess Visual exploration of fantasies in gender-fluidity, femininity, glamour,transformation, illusion, cross-dressing, dominance and submission.


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