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At first, Ivor Lytton's emotional predicament seems unremarkable, no different from the woes that make up any agony aunt's weekly column. On Sunday October 4Lytton, an Edinburgh public relations consultant, met the love of his life. The meeting took place at a dinner party at a fashionable country inn. Rita Meadows, who lives in South Africa, was on holiday in Scotland. Describing their meeting, Lytton's words overflow with sentiment.


I am 19, my brother is We've been having sex since I was Absolutely no one knows, I've never even told a friend and I would like to keep our identities private. If our parents or family members found out, our lives would be destroyed.

I also initiated it. Edit 1: I am going to take a break from questions for a little bit but will be back on tonight.

Thank you to everyone who sent an encouraging comment and helpful advice. I was taking a shower and my brother came in to fool around with me. He thought that our parents had already left that morning to work, however my Dad came back home because he left his cell. I was in the middle of going down on him and my Dad knocked on the door. Considering the situation, I stayed calm and yelled, "What do you want".

I have sex with my sister in my bed

He was looking for my brother and said he couldn't find him anywhere and that his car was parked in the driveway. I lied and said he went to "Jon's" house down the street. Luckily, our Dad never went to check on him. Another time was when we were at our Grandparent's house and we had to share one of those old pull out couches.

We started to have sex and my Grandmother walked in the room and asked out loud where her remote to her TV was. We just paused and laid quietly and she walked out of the room. She even looked at our bed but I guess because she was old and she has cataracts, she couldn't see very well.

She must of thought we were asleep. That was pretty scary. There were other times but there not that interesting. It usually involved one us quickly putting our clothes on and running into the next room.

Did you have sexual thoughts about him before you "woke up on top of him"? Hm, not really.

I have sex with my sister in my bed

However, at that age, I just had "crushes" on boys. It wasn't really sexual for me until then. I just remember feeling him under me and he was aroused. I was really curious and I started touching him. He responded and I got really turned on.

The most that I had ever been. Like does he get boxers at Christmas and you think about what they're going to look like on the floor? Yes and no. It's weird but when we are around our parents, I shut that part of myself off for awhile.

We act completely normal around friends and relatives. We may look at each other now and then but I don't think anyone notices. Did this start out as experimenting? What view do you and your brother have on this and about eachother? Does this interfere with relationships with others?

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It did start out as experimenting and I think it's mainly my fault. We had to share a bed, as we had relatives staying with us for a week. I'll spare you the details but I woke up on top of him and I started fondling him.

He didn't ask me to stop and we started fooling around since that day. It just progressed over time. We both know it's really fucked up but we both enjoy it, so we don't stop.

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We've only ever cared about hurting our family. In the beginning no. We would continue having relationships with other people. However, lately he does not want me to be with anyone but him.

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It's become an issue. Seems there are a lot of negative and offended commenters on this issue. For what it's worth, I'd just like to say: there's no biological problem you're not planning on .

The social taboo angle - as long as you guys keep up the good work of hiding it, it shouldn't be an issue. The relationship itself - from what I understand, if either of you meets the right person, you can move on - you are not locked into some kind of a co-dependent situation.

Telling a future spouse - right now most people will claim they think it's weird.

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Probably a whole lot of them wouldn't mind if it weren't for the peer pressure of appearing normal. As one data point - I would be fascinated and have a thousand questions.

This type of relationship definitely makes you a more interesting person. As a reminder - just like in a normal relationship, it's important to keep clear lines of communication. When things start to look more conclusive, have a talk with him, just to make sure you're on the same. Who expects what out of the relationship, levels of intimacy, exclusivity and so on.

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But most of all, enjoy the experience for itself and have fun with it! The best comment so far. Thank you so much for your advice and being open minded. This is where you're wrong. Peer pressure doesn't make incest tabboo, biology does. There is a reason most males who grow up with sisters don't try to have sex with them when they get horny. I doubt a future partner will see it that way. Probably a whole lot of them wouldn't mind if it weren't for the peer pressure of appearing normal" - Wow, really 'wouldn't mind' I know for bloody sure I would! It seems like it's going a bit far to say "have fun with it".

Unless your brother's possessiveness turns into some sort of huge mental issue and he goes crazy. Anyway, I know this'll make it sound like there's something terribly wrong with me, but this whole situation is kinda just cute, in a way. If by some fluke you got pregnant despite birth control, would you have an abortion?

Found the internet! I am sleeping with my biological brother AMAA. Posted by 11 years ago. Sort by: best.

Yes, a few. Continue this thread. For that matter do you have them now? Of course I do. I have sex with him frequently. Fancy seeing you here If you could live as any undersea creature what would it be?

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PEOPLE who have committed incest have revealed why they slept with their close relatives — and how their life changed as a result.


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