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It was simple arousal at being so deeply controlled by her own brainwashing. Eventually, her gaze refocused and she continued. This deep in trance, she was paying a lot more attention to her wet pussy and her tingling nipples than anything as dull and tedious as words… which was what had helped Doctor Salt make such good progress with her in the first place. A well that she was no longer capable of realizing that Doctor Salt had placed there over the course of their hypnosis sessions.


Marc was watching Squid Game, a Korean drama, with his wife on Netflix in the living room of his flat when he heard someone at the door. His tenant, Sophie, greeted them as she entered the flat with her boyfriend. Sophie is from China. She came to Singapore to study at a nearby university and had been their tenant for a couple of months. He is in his late thirties and only about 15 years older than Sophie Sensual stories tumblr is in her early twenties. Marc nodded.

It seems that Sophie and her boyfriend had only got to know each other recently but already, Sophie had brought him back several times. Marc could not remember his name but knew that he was a Singaporean studying in the same university.

Every time Sophie brought him back to the flat, they will go to her room and have sex. It was not that Marc or his wife were eavesdropping.

It was simply that the walls of HDB flats are too thin and Sophie was really loud when she is having sex. She will be moaning and screaming words of passion throughout. Marc and his wife did not really know how to tell Sophie to keep her volume down without feeling embarrassed. Sophie was after all a good tenant in other aspects, paying her rent on time. Where possible, Marc and his wife will leave the flat to avoid the awkward situation. I think I will stay and watch the show. He really did not want to visit his in-laws if possible.

They only stay a few blocks away and had helped to look after their 1-year old son during the day, but they were always nagging at him for one thing or another.

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Leave the young people alone. You are too old for that. Marc sighed. He cannot understand why everyone thinks he is old. Ever since his wife got pregnant a couple of years ago, they had stopped having sex. When his wife was pregnant, she did not want to have sex because she was afraid that it will harm the unborn baby. And when she had given birth, she was always complaining that she was too tired to have sex.

But what made him upset the most was that his wife seemed to have decided that once they had a baby, he was too old to be having sex. As a result, he had only been jerking off to satisfy his sexual needs. I going down later to buy cigarettes and have beer with my friends. I will most probably come home late. Maybe it was his fault. If he had not stopped using condoms after they got married, they would not have a son and he may still have a sex life. Well, that is one lesson learnt too late. Always use a condom, as they say in the advertisements.

Marc flipped through several Sensual stories tumblr on Netflix quickly. He did not want to continue watching Squid Game as he knows that his wife will want to from where she has stopped. He did not want to upset his wife if possible.

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The deadline is tomorrow. I call you later.

Sophie closed the front door and plopped down besides Marc. Want to go to my room and watch porn with me? Marc smiled.

He knew Sophie was quite open-minded and they often joked about sexual matters. Your boyfriend did not satisfy you? You need porn? Sophie pouted. We were having sex. He was already making me so wet and then his friends must call him and ask him to do their stupid project. I am so ready. Sophie leaned forward and put her head on his shoulder. With one hand wrapped around his neck for support, her other hand rested on his chest, her fingers making small circles around his nipples. Marc was a little confused but clearly, his lower body was not.

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He could feel his cock rising and making a tent in his shorts. Sophie leaned further and kissed Marc on his cheeks. She turned his head towards her and kissed Marc again, this time on his lips. As Marc tasted the sweet, young succulent lips, his resistance started falling away. He felt himself floating and no longer in control of his actions. His arms wrapped around Sophie, feeling the warmth of the young body through her t-shirt. You are so big and hard. She rubbed his cock through his shorts, stroking it slowly and making small little circles around the tip of his cock with her fingertips.

Marc sighed in pleasure.

Sophie stopped kissing Marc and looked at her fingers. My wife will be back soon. Sophie closed the door behind them before first taking off her top and then sliding off her shorts. Marc was surprised. Sophie smiled. I had to put on a tee shirt and shorts before going out of the room. Take off your clothes. Marc was still standing there, unsure of what to do. He knew this was getting to a point of no return.

Sophie did not wait for him to make a decision.

She kneeled in front of him and pulled down his shorts. Without another word, she swallowed his cock, wrapping her warm tongue around the whole shaft. Her rhythm picked up pace and Marc soon lost all reason and was floating in the pleasure of her efforts. He pushed his hips forward in concert with her sucking and he held on to her head, guiding her to heighten his pleasure. Sophie only squeezed his cock harder with both her hands and mouth.

He erupted into her, filling her mouth with warm sperm. That was so good. It was so much. How long was it that you last had sex? This is so good.

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She stood up and kissed Marc on his lips. Marc could taste his own cum on her lips. Now both of them were naked. Looks like you are ready to go again.

Do as you’re told!

She led Marc to her bed, pushing him down to face the ceiling while she straddled him. She grabbed his cock and stroked it to hardness. Marc closed his eyes to enjoy the hand job and moaned softly in pleasure. He sensed a movement and opened his eyes to see Sophie lowering herself onto his cock. Sophie looked surprised. I am insulted. Always use a condom. Sophie sighed but seemed pacified. She reached out to the nearby drawer and took out a condom. Without missing a beat, she lowered herself onto his cock, guiding it slowly into her love canal.

You are so big. Marc was also enjoying himself as his cock was pleasured by the warm tight walls of the young vagina. As Sophie started bouncing on his cock, the pleasure intensified.

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