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When I first read the Icebound Land, I was about 11 or Throughout the years, I have found more and more of them. Except for perhaps the most obvious one in the Icebound Land. But when Halt and Horace first arrive in Gallica at La Rivage, Horace notices three young women laughing at him, all wearing rather short skirts. They are not, as Halt had explained, Couriers, but prostitutes. In Medieval Europe, prostitution was a very profitable business.


A Ranger named Holt offers to take Will as his apprentice. Will goes to live with Holt and begins to enjoy his training with the somber but kind man.

Listing the rangers apprentice lemons

He learns the weapons, tools and tactics of Rangers, which involve more skill and stealth and less brute strength than typical warriors use. But Horace is miserable. He struggles at the hands of three older bullies who pick on him mercilessly. His frustration with life causes him to behave rudely toward Will and the other orphans when they reunite for a holiday.

When Holt learns about a large wild boar causing the locals trouble, he enlists the help of Baron Arald and Sir Rodney to kill it. Sir Rodney invites Horace along. During the intense hunt, a second boar attacks. The bullies are defeated.

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The Rangers learn that Morgarath, an evil Baron who seeks to overthrow the kingdom, is preparing for battle. His armies include two types of vicious creatures: Wargals and the even more evil bear-like assassins, the Kalkara, who can paralyze their prey by looking in its eyes.

Holt, Gilan and Will hunt for the Kalkara in a distant area called the Solitary Plain while the other Rangers prepare for war. The Baron, Sir Rodney and Will arrive just in time to help Holt battle two Kalkara, ultimately destroying both with fire.

Will becomes a hero, and Baron Arald honors him at a public ceremony. Superstitious villagers believe the Rangers practice a black magic that makes them invisible to normal people. In reality, the Rangers are just trained to conceal themselves well.

The Kalkara have hypnotic powers that allow them to control the minds of their enemies. Morgarath controls the Wargals with his mental orders.

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Baron Arald, Lord of Redmont Fief, is a generous and compassionate man who makes sure orphaned children are raised and given proper care. Holt, though not demonstratively warm with Will, treats the boy with respect and kindness.

He patiently trains him in the ways of the Rangers, stressing virtues such as honesty and teamwork. All of these men are upstanding and protective of the young men under their supervision.

Ranger's apprentice #1

Several violent and mildly gory images are presented, including a wild boar hunt, a fight between Horace and bullies from his school and attacks on the Rangers by the nightmarish Kalkara creatures. Get free discussion questions for this book and others, at FocusOnTheFamily.

Book reviews cover the content, themes and worldviews of fiction books, not their literary merit, and equip parents to decide whether a book is appropriate for their children. Blog Podcast About.

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Listing the rangers apprentice lemons

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Research shows a connection between kids' healthy self-esteem and positive portrayals in media.


A Ranger named Holt offers to take Will as his apprentice.


Our Level 2, 3 and 4 apprenticeships are open to everyone and offer real paid work based learning opportunities that will help set the course for a future career in the cultural heritage sector and beyond.