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Mary Jane Watson is as fundamental to the story of Spider-Man as Uncle Benbut she's likely the most malleable part of the Spidey-mythos and not just because she was married to Peter Parker, and then not, but moving on.

About mary jane watson

Mary Jane has always reflected the current fashion sense of her time, and as such, is a good barometer for any period in Marvel history, good or bad. Mary Jane has worn a lot of different looks in her various incarnations in comics, animated series, and feature films.

But which are the best? Which don't make the cut? Here are the five best and five worst outfits Mary Jane Watson has rocked. Mary Jane Watson arrives in the life of Peter Parker - and the minds of comic book fans everywhere - like a bolt of lightning in Amazing Spider-Man 42 properly, as she had only been teased before that in Mary Jane's very current for the time, and in some ways, timeless style was evident from the jump.

Spider-man & mary jane couples costumes to get your spidey senses tingling

A good example is this silver mod-style dress she wore while working as a dancer at the nightclub Gloom Room. Her fearless style - and confidence - were on full display in this scene.

Mary Jane has always been a vanguard of fashion in comic books, but not every version of her works. One look that wasn't that successful originated with the MC2 alternate reality. This version of the character is kind of cool, as a fashion deer and businesswoman with two children, but the look is a little too much.

It's a problem of MJ always being on the leading edge of fashion, or maybe just behind it as far as the creators of her comic books have been concerned. Outside of the comics, Mary Jane has had quite a few and varying looks. One of the best and one of the most beloved among a big chunk of Spidey-fandom is her look from Spider-Man: The Animated Series. The basic look Mary Jane wore in the show is pretty simple, a yellow sweater over a purple shirt, but the colors pop.

Simplicity generally works in her favor, as her superpower, if she has one, is to glam up. A down-to-earth MJ like this one always works. Well, usually. It's inevitable in superhero comics that the love interest will put on the costume of the hero. Lois Lane has done it with Superman.

Halloween costumes inspired by tv and movie couples

Pepper Potts has been Rescue. Versions of this work with Mary Jane, but the episode in the comics where she wore the Iron Spider suit didn't. It ought to have, with the red and yellow armor fitting with her red hair perfectly. A little too perfectly, maybe, for fans with memories of the Dark Phoenix. Echoes of Jean Grey weren't really the problem, though. It just wasn't a good look. This is a version of Mary Jane in a Spider-Man suit that works.

Mostly, it's because it's her own. The red and white color scheme works naturally for the character while retaining the best elements of the original Spider-Man costume. The Renew Your Vows storyline imagines a world in which Peter and Mary Jane are married again, because they aren't, for some reason This version of Mary Jane looks the part as she becomes a hero in her own right.

Earth is perhaps best forgotten by everybody. This alternate reality in which Spider-Man becomes a cannibal, along with the rest of the world, le Mary Jane to one of her worst outfits. The aftermath of the plague somehow leaves MJ almost literally barefoot and pregnant, wearing a Native American-style headdress that begs some questions.

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This particular look seems like something Mary Jane would know to avoid in any reality, but alas, Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher is also a thing that exists. The Ultimate Comics version of Mary Jane Watson might be the best take on the character for a lot of reasons, but one reason was her outfits.

Nothing about them registered as iconic or trendy and that was the point.

This MJ was down to earth, lower-middle-class, and nowhere near as much of a model as her counterpart. The combination of overalls, sweaters, and jackets made her seem like a real teenager figuring things out, and it all pretty much worked. As stated before, simplicity is the key with Mary Jane Watson, and no outfit she has ever worn was more simple than this one.

Recreated countless times in cosplay, this barebones ensemble is the product of J. Scott Campbell, from the cover of Amazing Spider-Man back in As popular as it is with some, this image also inspired criticism for depicting an otherwise strong and capable character as stuck at home worrying about her husband, while at the same time sexualizing her in a way that is too common for women on comic book covers.

Mary jane watson for cosplay & halloween

It's not the best outfit Mary Jane Watson ever wore, but it's by far the most important. Her sleeveless black top does convey MJ's ature simple and fashionable style, which was in stark contrast to the women in Peter Parker's life at the time, and really, the women in comics.

Gwen Stacy would remain Peter's girlfriend for another half-decade after this, but did she have a chance? No one stood a chance after this iconic introduction.

Simple works for Mary Jane, and when she goes away from it, she gets in trouble. One time she did was in the late '80s when working as a soap opera actress. When superstar artist Todd McFarlane took over drawing Amazing Spider-ManMary Jane's supermodel qualities amplified to what today might be considered comical levels. She seems very far from the beautiful but simple woman that fans had come to love, and who she's more or less been in most versions over the years.

His short fiction appears in Strange Horizons, Interzone, Shimmer, and other venues. By Darby Harn Published Jul 26, Share Share Tweet 0.

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With so many superheroes and villains in the Marvel Comics Universe, there are plenty to choose from when it comes to cosplayers picking their next outfit to tackle.


October is almost here, and now is the time to be planning out your Halloween costumes, especially if you and your ificant other plan to go as a team.


With so many superheroes and villains in the Marvel Comics Universe, there are plenty to choose from when it comes to cosplayers picking their next outfit to tackle.