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  • Age:
  • I am 49
  • Ethnic:
  • Polish
  • I speak:
  • English
  • What is my body features:
  • My figure features is strong
  • I prefer to drink:
  • Whisky
  • What I prefer to listen:
  • Techno
  • In my spare time I love:
  • Listening to music


Sorry it's been so long since an update, I've been pretty busy with other stuff and right now all of the days seem to meld into one.


However, even as a baby, Peach would avoid Bowser due to his rivalry with Mario and rude demeanor.

Thus, he has attempted to kidnap Peach even as children. Bowser has repeatedly kidnapped Peach and invaded her kingdom multiple times, both out of a megalomaniac desire to rule the world, but also because he has fallen in love with her.

In certain attempts, Bowser may even try to force marriage between the both of them. Reasoning may very depending on the game.

Although Bowser is interested in Peach, in canon, Princess Peach does not return his feelings. While she and Mario allow Bowser's participation in sports and board games, media such as Super Mario RPG portrays her as being frightened by him. However, she has been shown to be kind to the Koopa, as shown with a cake she baked for him in Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

In Super Paper Mariotheir paper counterparts are forced into marriage by the main villain Count Bleck. For Peach to even say 'I do,' the character of Nastasia had to mind control her.

Here, he threatens Peach that, if she refuses or tries anything, her kingdom's inhabitants will be turned to stone. Due to the fact Mario was also turned to stone, Peach attempts to form a deal with him on her own, but ends up being kidnapped.

Much later in the comic, Princess Peach is hypnotized by a koopa into believing her true love is Bowser. However, she eventually snaps out of it and helps free Mario. Posters around the world show Peach in disgust of Bowser.

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During Odyssey's ending, both Mario and Bowser attempt to have Peach choose between them, but when overwhelm her with flowers, she turns down both of them. During his ending in Mario Power TennisBowser points to his cheek and asks Peach to kiss him as a reward. Instead of complying, Peach has Birdo kiss him for her, which in Bowser freaking out. Super Mario Sunshine has Bowser convince his own son into believing Peach is his mother. Believing Mario kidnapped her, Bowser Jr. Powser is actually one of the most popular ships for Bowser.

It rivals with Mareach as both Mario and Bowser are portrayed in a struggle over Peach. The trio may sometimes be portrayed as a love triangle, or that of an OT3. Powser fans headcanon that Bowser kidnaps Peach either because he wants her to bake a cake for him, or because his kids Bowser Jr. Shipping Wiki Explore. Explore Wikis Community Central.

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Your cuddly old Bowser's here! You are formally invited This festival's over! Universal Conquest Wiki. Mario Brothers.

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If you don't like the ship, don't read this story.


If you don't like the ship, don't read this story.