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One group would say Steele is right. Steele delved into controversial topics that should draw different responses from various groups throughout the country without judgment.

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This team gives members great benefits and protection, at least until their time is up. Just ask Rachel Nichols. The sports media bubble is an exclusive group. Nearly every member votes one way, has one viewpoint, and has no interest in hearing the other side. They came after Steele, as though on command. The list of disapproving industry voices from all the different networks goes on and on.

This group was not happy to learn Steele is off-air only temporarily.

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Suppose Cari Champion ever steps outside her elitist bubble. Steele did not advise anyone not to get the shot. Instead, she said a company should not force its employees to receive a vaccine they do not want, a perspective that splits the US on party lines. And therein lies the problem.

Hill, Olbermann, Mark Jones, and struggling online newspaper writers overrepresent one side of the discussion, while those who agree with Steele are afraid to express their support. It was time to attack viciously.

Either way, those who denounced Steele in the past week are in the club. Whatever that club is. This mindset comes from fear. Americans are afraid of cancel culture. They are desperate to shield themselves from it and to fit in with the group they think will protect them.

Everyone is looking for a protective shield. Many users and writers who bashed Steele were not actually upset with her. Most saw her controversial statement as an opportunity to protect themselves from cancellation. Those cards are handy, I hear. Great message for young boys and girls Sage Steele. Also good to know that she is the arbiter of racial identity. Will that tweet protect Van Gundy when they come for him? He hopes it will. Sports media is an extension of the news media, just with more cowards and fewer independent thinkers.

They follow a lead. And this week, the target was Steele.

Best takes from ‘the playboy interview’ with jemele hill

Sage Steele broke a rule. She kept talking. Cancel culture leftists have no power unless you let them. When you stand up to these cancel culture cretins they move on to the next target. Like the hyena going after the lame antelope. Never apologize to leftist parasites. Giving in is the worst thing someone can do.

Stand up to the bully just like we were taught as. Good for her. Maybe she can start her own podcast. Obama is the biggest fraud, like pretty much everyone else on the left. He only wants to be black when it helps his cause.

Jemele hill and cari champion double down and defend bizarre “was it racist to knock out nate robinson” question to jake paul

Funny how he was raised by two white women, but his black father was nowhere to be found. Another brother leaving his kids……. Oh my God. Now Sage Steele is a victim? Now I know why she got dog walked for her comments about Obama. That shit is laughable AF. You got a stiffy and everything.

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Wankster PanderPrincess. I wonder, do you get talking points straight from your masters or just visit a lefty site to see how your supposed to react? Steps off the Plantation. Sage Steele was on a Plantation? The things stupid ass racist say that dint know they are being racist. Quick, she left the plantation! Hey Craig Mason. Do you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and cry every morning? Hey an article about a black woman thinking for herself.

Way to hold it down homey. Fight the power!

Why you should care

Oh wait now you down with the power. Keep fighting the man. Oh wait now you down with the man. Let me know when you figure it out. This is why I am not on Twatter anymore. Any business who thinks they get publicity, helps their business, or heaven forbid uses it make decisions about their business is a fool. Do your self a favor and get off it.

No, of course not. Nike did.

And then, Vaccine mandates are stupid and wrong. He looks like a black guy to everyone else. Great good for Tiger, and then he ruined his like. Every critizism of black people by white people is not racism. You are too simple to understand nuance and logical arguments. Let me let your stupid ass in on a family secret. The left loves sports because its the only place we can get to you where you can run and everyone around the WORLD will get to see what we have always thought.

Believe me when i tell you. But i think you know that already. Its explains the paucity of conservatives in sports. The left loves sports? Really, then why are stadiums not filled with losers like you and elite white liberals? I have to axe Balls in the Mouth a question. The media always refers to Meghan Markle as bi racial.

Because she is bi racial and looks like it. What type of dumbass white boy question is that? Is he one of your Outkick guys? Olberman should be committed and no one should ever care about the rantings of a crazy person.

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Her words are uplifting to the voiceless and disenfranchised and simultaneously a chainsaw cutting through systemic racism and a flashlight exposing the social injustice and inequities and hypocrisies in our nation.


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Journalist and pundit Jemele Hill blasted Sen.


Although I do not agree with her on many issues, young people should follow her example for reaching goals.