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The event is organized by New York Jacks, a group that hosts regular meetings for men to gather in relative public to do something nearly every man does in relative private. They take over Paddles on Tuesdays, and on Sundays host a meeting on the third floor of a building on West 38th Street. I first attended a New York Jacks meeting with a friend on a Tuesday a few weeks ago. What if we see someone we know? As in every fetish community, the fear of being outed as a participant in something deemed weird or pervy keeps many people, including bators, in the closet about their interests. All things considered, mutual masturbation is pretty tame — masturbation is something most people already do, albeit alone — but the popular notion of masturbation as somehow being failed sex, the purview of lonely internet trolls, le many would-be avid mutual masturbators to keep their sexual cards close to their chests.


Register Now - It's Free! Go to NorCalCumCannon is offline. Guys who like jacking off with other guys, to jack off other guys or just watch. I've looked for another thread like this but couldn't find one So who likes being in the same room as another guy jacking off?

I think my husband masturbates with his best friend

Who likes jacking off another guy while he is jacking you off, perhaps even frotting? Or maybe just like watching. I love it all! So if you want feel free to share your stories here.

11 things guys do when they masturbate

Ktownmale63 is offline. I have been looking for one here in northern Arizona for quite a long time very difficult to find. Suxx is offline. I enjoy masterbating in the same room as another guy, especially if we are jacking each other off.

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I've never managed to try frotting, but I'd certainly like to given the opportunity. Originally Posted by hard I'll start with the webcam encounter since it happened first. So I was 20 and was still trying to figure out if I was bisexual or if I just didn't care if guys watched me on cam like women did. It was a typical day off from college and I logged on to my favorite adult dating site to show off on cam and possibly find a date for that night. It was a slow day as far as women were concerned but droves of men came in as usual, some regulars and some faces. So I was sitting in my chair teasing the guys with the tent I had in my boxers and talking dirty when I got a private message.

Me and some buddies are looking for other straight guys to jerk off on cam with. You down? When I finally got in, there were already 5 guys in there on cam and 3 were already naked, including our host. Not wanting to be left out, I dropped my boxers and took off my t-shirt with the others following suit. We waiting for the seventh, and final, member to show up so I decided to look at the other's cocks a little closer.

Common misconceptions about masturbation

They were all nice cocks, the biggest of the 6 in there so far was around 7. I would have sucked them all, if given the opportunity. The last guy was taking a bit longer than expected so we all chatted for a few until he showed up and I can tell you the wait was worth it. He apologized for taking so long and pulled down his sweats and briefs causing his already hard 8.

I felt my cock pulse in my hand as my jaw dropped. With everybody there, our host told everybody to get started. We all started jerking off while watching each other, with most of my focus on cockzilla, and it was a great feeling. After a few minutes the first guy came, followed by a second. They both had alright lo, with one or two good spurts.

Why some guys like jerking off together

A few minutes later I could feel my balls tighten but I didn't want to cum yet, not before the big guy, so I slowed down until I noticed his hips buck. I started to pick up the pace again as he pushed his cock forward with his thumb and came. It was disappointing, it wasn't a huge load and it just dribbled out, running down under his head before dripping to the floor.

Don't get me wrong though, I still would have loved to have my tongue dancing on the underside of his head while catching his cum in my mouth. I watched him cum hungrily as I stroked my cock faster and massaged my balls.

At this point I knew I couldn't hold out much longer so I just squeezed the base of my cock and pumped down hard unleashing my load. My first spurt hit me in my cheek and my second and third landed square on my lips and chin.

The rest just landed wildly on my neck and chest as I had started jerking again. Once it reached the point of dribbling out I just let go and let my cock flop to side and let the rest of my cum pool on my thigh.

At the sight of this, the remaining 3 started stroking faster and came almost immediately, with only other one other having a good sized load. Afterwards we all just sat there for a bit with semi-hard and flaccid cocks looking at the mess the others have made before thanking each other and going our separate ways. SexyLitForAll is offline.

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I just found this thread. That's a hot story!! My fantasy is kind of like that but not on webcam, I would want to do it in person. As well as being a guy in the middle with all those cocks surrounding me, ready to unload all that cum wherever they want.

I've had several facials and swallowed several times to, but never more than one person in a room. Originally Posted by aaron Originally Posted by mcalum. J1biboi is offline. I haven't jacked off with another guy since I was a teenager. At that time it was a regular thing and no big deal.

How do i, um, bring this up?

But if I were in the room with another guy jacking, I'm pretty sure I couldn't keep my hands or my mouth off of his cock. I love watching guys stroke their cock till they shoot all that cum!! Even better when it's being aimed at my fave and open mouth.

I had chatted with a guy who was in town and was looking for a voyeur while he strokes.

I told him I would love to watch just inches from his cock and he could cum all over my face too. He was good with that and gave me his hotel info and time to meet up. I showed up at the deated time and was really nervous but also super excited.

Got to his hotel room as I went in I almost immediately got on my knees. He was already naked and came up to me stroking his cock. I watched as he kept getting closer till he was smearing his precum on my lips and sliding his cock in my mouth Jacking off with other guys he wanted to. Then he told me he was close so I tilted my head back with my mouth wide open. He told me earlier he shot a big load, but I didn't know it was going to be huge. He started erupting his cum rope after rope all over my face and in my mouth!!! My whole face was covered in cum and I couldn't believe how much he shot on me.

I gladly got up and thanked him, then walked out with his cum still all over me dripping down my face. I think the lobbyist might have seen, but not sure. I know it was a thrill having his cum all over me and not knowing if she seen me like that. CuriousGuyVa is offline. Guess it's time for another of mine About a year or two after my first story happened, and by now I had played with a few guys and a TG, I was on my favorite adult dating site first thing when I woke up.

I didn't plan on getting cam that day and was just gonna work IM a bit so I was surprised when I got an IM from a guy first. He responded with "Cool, I got a porno and was looking for a jerk buddy. Can I come by and we could watch while we jerk.

Guys jerking off other guys gay porn videos

He told me if my brother was due home at some point it would be good if I made up my mind fast. I admitted he was right and gave him my address. About 25 minutes later my doorbell rang so I answered the door in my basketball shorts and t-shirt and was met by a handsome Asian guy wearing slim fit jeans, t-shirt and a flat billed hat.

I smiled and invited him in, leading him to my room. We sat with our backs against the pillows the wall and I started the DVD. I forget who the actress was but she was blonde with big tits and the guy was the cookie cutter weird looking dude with huge cock.

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