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  • My age:
  • 19
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  • Polish
  • Tint of my iris:
  • I’ve got enormous hazel green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
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  • I'm fem
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  • My hobbies driving a car


Please limit discussions to topics that go into improving the article. If you wish to discuss matters not relevant to article upkeep, take it to the blogsforumsDiscord chator discussions module. Thank you. In Canada, all three date formats are used in various contexts. I've never seen the date written in just s except for driver's s, which use year-month-day; the month is usually written either in full or its abbreviated. Anyone else come to the conclusion that Bioware is just screwing with us Yanks and Brits?


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Want to post your own article in response? Publish it now on our community blogs. I played the original Mass Effect more times than any person reasonably should; in fact, I could spend ages writing about my love and hate relationship with that game, but luckily, it is one that ended up being mostly about love.

For me, it was a fantastic game that rose above its many faults. Well, this is true of all of my playthroughs except for one — the one where I played as a male Shepard. See, I began my first playthrough as Penelope Shepard, a stunning girl with auburn hair and green eyes, and a stern but fair personality.

In our journey together to a seemingly endless galaxy full of the same three buildings, I grew closer to this character than nearly any other videogame had allowed me to do prior. Then, for my second playthrough, I started with a male Shepard.

And you know what? I hated the game.

Parody examples:

I never finished this playthrough. Instead, I started yet another female Shepard, and proceeded to finish the game three more times. So, what is it about the female Shepard that essentially represented what I loved about Mass Effect, and why did I hate the male Shepard so much? It was enough to make me give up on that character and start a human male. Never once in Mass Effect did I encounter this. Though promotional materials of the game very obviously pushed the male Shepard on us, the game itself feels like it is made for a female as you play through it.

I think this is simply a result of good writing. There are no subtle lines that seem more appropriately directed toward males than females.

Celebrity endorsement

Compared to many other games, this is actually quite an achievement. Furthermore, the simple novelty of playing as a well-crafted female is reason enough to try it out. Honestly, what is the ratio of male to female lead characters in videogames?

Lara Croft? What seems minor at first actually ends up being a definitive advantage, truly making the two experiences feel like night and day. But absolutely nothing about his voice acting does anything to craft his character, which leaves the creation of a personality up to both the dialogue and the player exclusively.

Not even Nolan North pulls this off.

Im commander shepard and i approve of this layout

Not a big-breasted RPG character, tomb-raider, or a leather-clad gun expert who is edgy for the sake of being edgy, or even a female that some developers just threw in so that they could say they offer the option to create female characters. The end result is that playing through the game feels entirely different based on the gender that you choose before the game begins. The other story is about the same uninteresting male character that you have played a million times.

But, for me, the true experience of Mass Effect and, soon, Mass Effect 2involves a female character. It means the difference between loving and hating those games. So, I offer a plea: when Mass Effect 2 is in your eager hands, start a female character.

You may want to continue with your male character from Mass Effectbut even in the face of this I stand by my plea. Filed under Opinion Editorial Promoted stories. : Not quite as desperate as it seems: No More Heroes 2.

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Commander Shepard is a Spectre, an elite agent who works outside of the law, who fights for humanity and the galaxy on behalf of the intergalactic council, a governing body composed of intergalactic species.


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This is for listing the tropes related to Commander Shepard, the protagonist of the Mass Effect series.


More properly called "Celebrity Spokesman", as an endorsement requires the celebrity testify to his own use of the product, and this isn't always part of a celebrity's role in the commercial.