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  • Years:
  • 60
  • What is my ethnicity:
  • Kazakh
  • Tint of my eyes:
  • I’ve got cold green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
  • I know:
  • English, Portuguese
  • Figure type:
  • My body type is quite slender
  • My favourite music:
  • Opera
  • I have tattoo:
  • I don't have tattoos


The weather rock or weather stone is a humor display that pokes fun at the intricate technology used in modern weather forecastsas well as the fact that their accuracy is less than perfect. A rock is typically hung from a tripod and accompanied by a indicating how to read it. Weather rocks will also sometimes include rules for proper maintenance of the system such as, "Please do not disturb the weather rock, it is a finely tuned instrument! Humorous weather forecasting display.


Wait hours after a rainstorm, but sometimes longer.

PO Box Wet and Windy with More Rain to Come. Share this :. After we unsubscribed from our cable TV a year or so ago, we ed up for a of streaming services. In turn, one of these programs is a daily breakfast show called Good Morning Britainin which Piers Morgan, Susanna Reid, and a bunch of other characters tackle the latest news, sport, and weather from the UK. I was joking, of course.

Smart stone if this rock is wet it's raining

The whole country enjoyed a fortnight of perfect weather in the summer ofand we were spoiled by another flawless fortnight in People from England are still regaling each other with tantalizing tales about these four glorious weeks, desperately wringing any drop of happiness out of them that they can whilst yearning to see the sun once more before finally shrugging off this mortal coil. As an aside, do you know how to use a piece of seaweed to determine the weather? The next time you go to the beach, pick up a large piece of the widest seaweed you can find and dry it out in the sun.

I can also use weather apps on my smartphone or tablet computer — or the web browsers on any of my other computers — to provide me with day forecasts, but how did people predict the weather before modern technology?

Following the invention of things like thermometers and barometers, the next major technological leap involved the invention of the electric telegraph. The first commercial system in England was the needle-based Cooke and Wheatstone telegraph, which was invented in But the system that came to dominate the market was the armature-based American version, which was invented by Samuel Finley Breese Morse in These days, it has to be acknowledged that weather forecasting is coming along in leaps and bounds.

I like reading post-apocalyptic tales and watching shows and films in this genre. How about you?

What rock is ok to boulder while wet?

Blog Sponsors Support My Blog. I first came across one at a trading post in Northern Ontario. It seems though that this is a common feature. If the rock is swinging, the wind is blowing.

If the rock casts a shadow, the sun is shining. If the rock does not cast a shadow and is not wet, the sky is cloudy. If the rock is difficult to see, it is foggy. If the rock is white, it is snowing. If the rock is coated with ice, there is a frost.

If the rock is bouncing, there is an earthquake. If the rock is under water, there is a flood. If the rock is warm, it is sunny. If the rock is missing, there was a tornado. If the rock is wet and swinging violently, there is a hurricane. If the rock can be felt but not seen, it is night time.

If the rock has white splats on it, watch out for birds. If there are two rocks, stop drinking, you are drunk. If things ever do go pear-shaped as noted in my blog, then I fear we will all be using weather rocks LOL. I envy you your experiences on Marion island — I think you made some wonderful memories there. Now, in their defense, it snowed so rarely that there was some excuse for it. I can also remember times when I did better forecasting the weather by looking out the window than the weather forecasters did.

These days, the satellites have allowed them to be much more accurate. This is another case where kids born in the past 20 years or so have never known a time without reasonably accurate weather forecasts.

How long does rock take to dry?

A Superfluity of Sumptuosity. Getting IoT Connectivity Right! Steampunk Nuts and Bolts.

The Secret to Smoking-Hot ts. New Book on Deing Embedded Systems.

Welcome to Urbex. Yoda is Fozzie Bear. Check out my other columns.

What rock is ok to boulder while wet?

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Smart stone if this rock is wet it's raining

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Mar 15, Blog.


Spring showers and summer thunderstorms bring a common dilemma: How soon afterwards is it OK to climb?


Cart total will reflect savings.


I was wondering if it is ok to go bouldering in the rain or while the rock is wet so I did some research.