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If you are reading this and you are under 18, you should know that smut is an ADULT form of storytelling. The best way to improve your smut writing skills is to actually read about it. Especially if you haven't had as much sexual experience, reading erotica and other smut stories will dramatically increase your creativity.


So while Thomas is right that there are limits as to how many ways ppl can have sex, he failed to realize that writing sex is about a LOT more than that. Keep reading. It seems like a boring afterthought which the writer added in at the last minute. A good romance in a story will give the reader a bit of second-hand infatuation. If the romance is well written, you can make a reader smile and blush just by reading a few sentences.

But first, decide whether the romance is needed. You can still add it, of course, but it will be much harder to keep your story focused on the central plot. But, there should be some similarities. While opposites do attract, polar opposites will not and the whole relationship will feel forced. The characters should have something in common. It could be morals, a parallel backstory, the same motivations, whatever. Your characters should become closer as people, feel at ease around each other, and truly know the other before they fall head-over-heels.

Teasing is a beautiful thing. Have them stand up for one another, be protective. Have them break their own normal routine for the other. For example, a callous, guarded character could lower their walls for a moment if their love interest needs emotional support.

Howeve, make sure that you combine these cute emotional moments with distance. Make the characters deny their true feelings or even distance themselves from their love interest upon discovering their feelings. The more the characters long for each other, the more the reader will long for them to be together.

Build barriers between them for your characters to have to work to knock down. Keep them close, but maintain that distance until the moment is right. You know you loved someone if you leave them and feel awful.

Apply this into the writing. Your characters can break up, then get back together in a joyous reunion. An ending that leaves readers craving more can be a good move. Just no.

My advice with kissing scenes is to focus predominantly on lips, and maybe add a little tongue as an afterthought. Like so:. They parted slightly, allowing my tongue to slip inside. Full stop. For example:. I could feel the soft tickle of her breath beneath my nose, fingers carding through her hair as we breathed each other in.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I occasionally actually will have my characters be eating or drinking something before hand, also, just to add an extra layer of sensation play to the scene. But my advice is keep these instances short and sweet: nothing can kill the mood like a good dose of purple prose. The same goes for writing: too much physicality can make a kissing scene feel painfully awkward, whereas, just as in real life, a good kiss will be one in which the best part is how your partner makes you feel.

Focus on how your POV character is feeling, and add physical details here and there to make the scene feel grounded:. The smell of her perfume, of the soft, peachy scent of her conditioner, was dizzying, butterflies dancing in her stomach. Almost the last thing I remember was standing with Daisy and watching the moving-picture director and his Star.

They were still under the white-plum tree and their faces were touching except for a pale, thin ray of moonlight between. It occurred to me that he had been very slowly bending toward her all evening to attain this proximity, and even while I watched I saw him stoop one ultimate degree and kiss at her cheek. She did more than just not stop me. She kissed me back. For a long time he kissed Kamala, and Siddhartha was filled with deep astonishment as she taught him how wise she was, how she ruled him, put him off, lured him back… each one different from the other, still awaiting him.

Breathing deeply, he remained standing and at this moment he was like astonished by the abundance of knowledge How to write smuts things worth learning opening up before his eyes.

Smut titling

Not sure she was awake, all things considered. The moment it fell he pulled her into him. Onto him. With both arms. Her chest pressed against his, and the paperback slid between their stomachs.

They were perfectly big, really, now that she had a good look at them. Perfectly something. He nudged his nose against hers, and their mouths fell sleepily together, already soft and open.

She wanted to open them. But she was so tired.

And his mouth was so soft. And nobody had ever kissed Cath like this before. Only Abel had kissed her before, and that was like getting pushed squarely on the mouth and pushing back. Like he was drawing something out of her with soft little jabs of his chin. If I profane with my unworthiest hand This holy shrine, the gentle fine is this: My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.

Let's fix your fics — 10 tips for writing (good) smut

Thus from my lips, by yours, my sin is purged. We love relationships between brothers in fiction. Which is a bit…shallow. So we started talking about why this is, and well… as is the case with many things in our culture, a lot of it has to do with misogyny. Girls making up with a little bit of crying and hugging before having a sleepover and maybe a makeover. And I think when you have male friends or brothers, which is actually one of the few ways in society where men have the ability to show complex emotions, you get many and varied opportunities for emotional complexity.

Both online and offline. This includes both my girls gr8writingtips and more-legit-gr8er-writing-tips.

Tips to write smut (aka sex)

One thing to bear in mind is the way that women talk to each other about their experiences, as well as the shared experiences that women have. This tip absolutely can include trans guys if you have a trans character who has a close relationship with women around them, but you must consider the special nature of the fact that they How to write smuts transitioned and what this may mean to them! For example, women talk often about the challenges they face being women in society - of being targeted by men and being subject to unwanted advances, or standing up for each other in these situations.

The fact that J. Rowling never let Hermione have any female friends always stung to me. I get it, narratively speaking, but it would have been nice to at least get a peek behind the curtain at Hermione rolling her eyes at Ron or even Harry with Ginny and them having a bonding moment at the idiocy of boys. Another problem with stories like Frozen? And you see this a lot when it comes to female behavior in stories, which is one of the reasons that so much complexity is stripped out of these relationships.

Dishonesty is still dishonesty. Not that surprising, when you consider that genre fiction has so few female characters to start with.

So consider writing more complex relationships when you write your girl characters. Think about how you can deepen the complexity of their relationships beyond the norm. Hey, Dominique! But neither have I fought in a war, or raised a kid, or held clandestine negotiations with rebels, or built a brace for a paralyzed merperson, or ridden a dragon, or experienced the death of a best friend. You should certainly do your own digging into romance and relationships, but here are a few pointers to start with….

The majority of time, when relationships are prominent in fiction, they cover the beginnings of relationships - how couples get together. First meetings and the difficulties that people face in getting to know each other and falling in love.

Which is why I love it when stories open with characters who are already in established relationships. I think it goes without saying, though, that there are special challenges that come with writing characters who are already in established relationships.

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Again, I posted something like this a while ago on my band blog - where I do actively write smut - but this one is new and revised!


Honestly, I get this question quite a bit, and I decided to just go full out and write a whole essay sorry, not sorry.