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To create this article, 75 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewedtimes. A wedgie is the perfect prank to pull on an annoying younger sibling or your mortal enemy.


Hanging wedgie n. You are left hanging there for a long period of time. When I was in the 9th grade and changing after PE in the locker rooms, some seniors grabbed me by my tighty whities and left me hanging in the locker room. Everyone was laughing.

What is the best way to give yourself a wedgie?

I was so embarrassed, I peed my pants and everyone even more. When you are given a wedgie but once given it you are lifted of the ground and the elastic in the wasitband is used to hang you up on a coat peg or doorknob or the likes. When you are jumped by friends or people older than you grab your tighty-whities without notice and put your waist band on a high object like a shower head in the locker room, door nobs, bed posts, coat hangers, ext. I was jumped in the locker room while wearing tighty-whities in 7th grade and tied up and given a hanging wedgie on a non-working shower head after school.

I was left there for an hour before the P. It sucked. See wedgiessky high wedgieshangers.

Hanging wedgie - video

The rope is tied to a tree or support, so that the victims feet are far off the ground and they can't reach the support with their hands. I gave myself a hanging wedgie in soccer shorts only. It was in a tree. I couldn't make them rip and hung for a long time. They were crushing my balls and way up my ass. I had to flip upside down, to try and get out.

I hung naked upside down for awhile. Then I had to flip back up.

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The wedgie was worse. Finally I flipped upside down and fell out of the shorts naked. I couldn't get the shorts down so ran home naked. Fortunatly I slipped in when no one was home to avoid embarassement. See wedgiehangingnakedpain. When a cool, boxer wearing person gives a wedgie and then puts the waistband over something like a doornob so the reciever hangs above the ground.

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In are gym room there is a really small coat closet. The coat pegs are really high up, and are only 25 inches apart. I was changing for gym when a group of boxer wearing "cool" people caught me wearing tighty whighties. To make it worse The put the front of me waistband on one coat hook and the back of the waistband on a coat hook on the other side.

They say its a every boxer wearers job to give any tighty whitie wearer either a atomic or hanging wedgie. See hanging wedgiemervintighty whitiesboxercool. See flagpolehangingpainwedgiebutt. In sixth grade, I tripped on the floor in the hallway.

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I was late for class so I was the only one in the hall. I was lifted of the ground by my tighty whities by an eigth grader they dragged me by my undies to the flagpole, where he took off my clothes except my underwear and gave me a hanging wedgie.

Everyone laughed when they saw me. The buses left and it took three hours for a techer to find me and get me down. It hurt so bad, because the undies were up so far. See wedgiebutt crackpainfulbully.

Hanging Wedgie Edit Meaning. What is Hanging Wedgie? See wedgiessky high wedgieshangers 4.

Fortunatly I slipped in when no one was home to avoid embarassement See wedgiehangingnakedpain 5. See hanging wedgiemervintighty whitiesboxercool 6. See flagpolehangingpainwedgiebutt 7. When someone hangs you on a hook or pole by the underwear, forcing your underwear up your crack.

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Wedgies have been used as a prank for a long time, and some weird people actually love getting wedgied.


Wedgies have been used as a prank for a long time, and some weird people actually love getting wedgied.


Take you underwear climb a tree sit on a big branch, put the branch through the hole and jump down.


Hanging Wedgie.