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  • I'm 21 years old
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  • Man
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  • Lively gray-green eyes
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  • Brunet
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  • I prefer to drink cider
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  • Heavy metal
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  • In my spare time I love swimming


Chapter 1 Series Menu. The next day.


Log in. Forgot your password? Forgot your username? My aim is to make all of these stories approachable and enjoyable without needing to reading any older tales - without leaving those characters totally behind. Similar to how many comic books are structured.

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Log in Forgot your password? Start Prev 1 Next End. The rules are simple: Spread Holiday Cheer, and you will be rewarded. Cindy shook her head as she thought about it. This was ridiculous, Santa didn't exist, and even if he did, what kind of game was this? She came from genes she deemed superior, was voted most attractive in high school, and was constantly reassured by those around her that she enriched their lives. What did this really mean? Utterly stumped, Cindy implored the family butler, Alfred, who was forced to work this Christmas.

She stood before him - tall, beautiful, fashionably dressed, in the prime of her health and beauty. He hated the arrogant year-old more than anyone else in the manor.

Female muscle growth: regular, magical or none

And he really didn't want to deal with her on the Christmas day her family forced him to work. Cindy placed a hand on his shoulder and gave it a hard squeeze, defined muscles in her tanned forearms bunching up. Alfred felt paralyzed. Between her firm grip and hypnotizing gaze, Cindy was utterly domineering. It didn't matter that he was actually physically stronger than her, earned a decent income, and was considered handsome - in that moment, Cindy reigned supreme. I need to spread Holiday Cheer.

Now tell me exactly what you want, so I can make it happen. Was Cindy serious? He played it safe and offered something appropriate: "I would like to go home and visit my family for Christmas, instead of working here.

I would have given him things he can't even dream of. But he chose what he already has! Too easy,' she thought, inwardly chuckling. He shrugged, "Yeah, that's about it really. In that case Alfred, I order you to go home - as an act of Holiday Cheer.

Alfred scurried towards the exit as quickly as possible, nearly tripping over himself. But before he could escape, both of Cindy's hands clasped down on his back. I swear I will. Thank you Cindy, really, I mean it," he managed to sputter.

A hard man is good to beat

See you tomorrow maybe. Where is it? Where's the reward? Her mind was racing: Is Santa going to deliver it personally? Or will it arrive in the mail? Does Santa use Amazon Prime?

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She was initially shocked, but realized it was warm and pleasurable. The feeling spread from her torso into the rest of her body.

She felt good. Then all at once, every muscle in her body screamed. Cindy recognized the pleasure as endorphins. She lifted her tight shirt, and grinned at how her small abs were visible from all angles now. It was more intense than last time.

Thin veins coursed along her biceps now, pulsing and throbbing vigorously. The pleasure intensified, and Cindy knew more was coming. Every cell in her body was on fire; and she had never been more alive. Her heart sped up and her eyes widened - was this really happening?

Female muscle growth: regular, magical or none

They were longer now. Her muscles felt restless again. Cindy arched back; her long, muscular torso shivered in anticipation. Another flood of energy. Overwhelmed, bit her bottom lip - drawing blood. At last she came to, and stood down on the soles of her feet. She let out a gasp at the sight of her muscular forearms, then noticed her newly minted biceps. Enthralled, Cindy flexed her arms a few times, rubbing her hands against the hard muscles, chills running down her spine from the sensation. They were shaped like lemons, and felt denser than stone. She wondered how much stronger she was now, and better yet, what advantages would this give her in life?

Cindy finally looked down, and noticed that her bosom had grown - she not only gained at least half a cup size, but a developing set of pec muscles were pushing them higher as well. She tensed her chest, and smirked at how she could easily make her breasts dance now.

Diana the valkyrie's library of amazon growth stories

Twisting herself slightly, Cindy noticed that she could finally see her obliques and a bit of an Adonis belt. Cindy then realized how tight her shoes were. And then how tight all of her clothing was. Her crop-top in particular was strained against her broadened shoulders, pushed further in the chest, and forced a few inches higher on her torso. Cindy stepped into a nearby bathroom, and examined herself in the full-length mirror. She was at first shocked by how brightly her eyes glistened now, and was shocked doubly so by the flawlessly beautiful figure that greeted her.

Every imperfection Cindy had --few as they were— was eliminated. Her proportions were perfected for a girl her height - thickened in the right places, left lithe in others. Cindy Enters Kitchen Cindy decided that the fastest way to get another reward would be to repeat what she did earlier. If dismissing Alfred for the day yielded a boost, then dismissing the rest of the house staff should accomplish the same. There were still Girl muscle growth stories other employees in the mansion: the cook, Thompson; his assistant, Rupert; and the maid, Sherry.

Cindy already viewed them as means to achieving more rewards, and little more. She strutted towards the kitchen, suspecting that Thompson and Rupert were preparing Christmas dinner. She enjoyed how the entire world was comparatively smaller now.

Diana the valkyrie's library of amazon growth stories

The feeling was intoxicating, and Cindy wanted more. She heard Thompson barking orders at Rupert. Cindy slammed open the kitchen door and scanned her surroundings.

To her delight, all three of the house staff were present - Sherry was also in the kitchen. Yesterday, Cindy could command attention with some effort. Now, it was impossible to not always notice her. The household staff were forced to react. Thompson, the cook, felt annoyed. He had worked at the manor in varying capacities for 20 years.

His entire life, Cindy had been a nuisance. He suspected, correctlythat since the age of five, Cindy had been toying with him. At first she did little things: made intentionally difficult requests, demanded food to be recooked, asked him barbed personal questions - all while carefully scrutinizing his reaction. But after Cindy turned 18, her ambitions skyrocketed. Thompson knew Cindy had been raised from birth to never stop competing - and this terrified him. He knew that she was athletic, and had been focusing more on fitness over the past year, but Cindy looked downright muscular now.

Thompson had seen her wear that crop-top before, and it had never been this snug.

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