slut cunt Ellis
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  • What is my age:
  • 25
  • Ethnic:
  • English
  • I love:
  • I prefer male
  • I know:
  • Italian
  • Body type:
  • My body features is quite muscular
  • What is my hobbies:
  • Painting
  • I have tattoo:
  • None


Wiki User. I myself am a ginger and yes we do have ginger pubes i know i do and i think the same goes for other gingers Yes all ginger's have ginger pubes get over it, its Fact :. Not all people have ginger pubes : I am ginger, and i have ginger pubes yet i have black ones too.


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Do gingers have ginger pubes?

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Other interests. Home […] Forums Chat Chat. Do ginger people genuinely have ginger pubes? Go to first unread. Skip to :. This discussion is closed.

Report Thread starter 6 years ago 1. This is not meant to be derogatory towards ginger people I was just wondering do gingers actually have ginger pubes? Not what you're looking for?

How i came to terms with being a ‘firecrotch’

Report 6 years ago 2. Dinaa Badges: Report 6 years ago 3. Report 6 years ago 4. Report 6 years ago 5. Report 6 years ago 6. Reue Badges: Report 6 years ago 7.

If you're a redhead, you definitely learned these 12 things growing up

Report 6 years ago 8. Report 6 years ago 9. Report 6 years ago Original post by Dinaa yeah didn't you see that guys one? Wow Karl, just Original post by Man. TheSeal Badges: 1. And my head hair isnt curly at all. Original post by SassKing Ness'B Badges: Original post by driftawaay idk where i heard this but apparently your eyebrows are a good indicator of what your hair is like down below.

What is ginger pubes?

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Do gingers have red pubic hair?

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Once used as a derogatory term for ginger people, ginger pubes has evolved into a standard greeting to all ginger people.


As a redhead, you grow up inherently different from most.


It was the summer, and my cousin Lauren was staying with us for the week.


Wiki User.