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The Rebel of Valkyr Returned, p. The boy's eyes widened. Slowly the tenseness went out of his and he relaxed against her. Kiera of Valkyr!

The rebel of valkyr

Landora could have hired a male assassin just as well as a woman. Who are you?

I did not think you would be so cruel,' he taunted. You can't expect me to. The tone carried such command that Kiera involuntarily stepped back, but still keeping the boy'shands pinned to his sides. Kiera felt the blood drain away from her face.

Valkyrie (cr 9)

This, then, was So you remember now! Kaidor you can recall, but you have forgotten me! Kiera, you always were a beast! It was good to smile again. And it was good to know that Alyn was Forgive me. I could not have known you. After all it has been eight years.

Kiera grinned. I boasted. Spare me that!

Then suddenly he was laughing again, a silvery laugh that hung like a bright thread in the soft tapestry of night sounds. No word of any kind.

I was told you were in seclusion still mourning Gilmera. I saw you kneeling inside. I thought then Mat it might be you. No one kneels to Gilmera now but the old comrades. Kiera watched the play of emotions over him face, caught suddenly by his beauty.

See a problem?

But my servants have been taken from me since I was caught spying on Ivane. And I'm kept under cover now, permitted out only after dark—and then only on the Palace grounds. Ivane has convinced Torana that I'm dangerous. The people like me because I was mother's favorite. My poor stupid little sister! How that man rules her.

Gaze of the val'kyr

I' Kiera was aghast. In heaven's name, why? He isn't satisfied with a Consort's coronet. She's brewing something. I Emissaries have come to his from certain of the star-queens and others.

She has been seeing Ivane privately for more than a year. An awful woman! The shuddering horror of the dark and bloody tales she had heard all her life about the warlocks who clung to the knowledge of the Great Destroyer rose like a wave of blackness within her. Alyn felt the same dark tide rising in him. He moved closer to Kiera, his slim body trembling slightly against hers.

Alyn nodded soundlessly.

Kiera fought down her fears and wondered uneasily what Ivane's connection could be with such a pariah. The warlocks and witches were despised and feared above all other creatures in the Galaxy. Gellera of the Marshes. It is said that she is a conjurer of devils Out of the very filth of the marches!

Spell details

Oh, Kiera! An awful plan was forming in Kiera's mind. She was thinking that Ivane must be stripped of the spells and powers of this devil-man. With such powers at his command there might be nothing impossible of attainment. Even the crown of the Imperium itself Was there a connection? What had Ivane to do with that lonely planet beyond the dark veil of the Coalsack?

Was it coincidence? Out of all the thousands of worlds in space. You know this woman? It had suddenly become more than imperative that she go to Kalgan. The mystery of the Imperial Consort's connection with a witch of Kalgan must be unraveled. And the star-queens were gathering. The Valkyr was suddenly taken with a new and different fear.

If Alyn had spied on Ivane, then he must be in danger here. Ivane would never tolerate interference with his plans from Gilmera's son. One that she would like to eliminate, I think. Her eyes sought the thick golden hair that brushed his shoulders, the glittering metallic skirt that hung low on his hips, outlining the slim thighs. She watched the graceful line of his unadorned throat, the bare shoulders and pectorals, the small waist, the flat, firm Gaze of the valkyr revealed by the studied nakedness of the fashions of the Inner Marches.

This was no. The thought of his in danger shook her badly. There had been a time when she could have said such a thing with perfect assurance, but since the death of Gilmera, the Imperial City was like an over-civilized jungle—full of beasts of prey.

The rebel of valkyr

You are here, Kiera! For Kalgan. It was hard to speak to Gilmera of Kaidor's son about rebellion. Yet she could not lie to him.

She temporized. Alyn' face was shadowed and his voice when he spoke was sad. Have they had all they can stand of Torana's foolish rule? The boy flared up with a sudden imperious anger. She is letting the favorites drive the Empire to ruin!

Promise me! If there is no other way, then fight the Imperial House. But give me one chance to save what my mother and her mother died for But while you are on Kalgan, I'll speak to Torana. Please, Kiera, promise me that Valkyr will not rebel until we have tried everything. Remember there is danger here for you. A thought struck her and quickly she discarded it. For just an instant she had wondered if Gellera of the Marshes and the mysterious Freka the Unknown might be the same Stranger things had happened. But Alyn had described Gellera as old, and Freka was known to be a six-and-one-half foot warrior, the perfect 'type' of the star-queen caste.

Nevitta and a company will remain, too. Keep them by you. They will guard you with their lives. I remember her. She can guard you for me, and keep you safe.

New women


The devotion of Invorri to Torvald is the stuff of legend.


Space : 10 ft.


The dark pact Sylvanas struck with the val'kyr forged her bond with the Jailer.


The Great Throne of Imperial Earth commanded a thousand vassal worlds—bleak, starved worlds that sullenly whispered of galactic revolt