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Collected by mikeking. Privacy Policy. Story Title Author Synopsis advanced search. These 2 punks have been screwing up all year and their parents believe that Dr.


Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I got up onto my high heels unsteadily, walked over to him, and stood waiting. They are absolutes. Disobedience will be punished. Do you understand? If you do, speak only Yes, Sir. Believe me when I say you will be punished. Now drop to your knees, but do not rest on your ankles.

Place your hands at your sides. Open your mouth fully. When this word is spoken to you, you will go immediately to the man who speaks it and assume this position. You will take what he has to give you, not spilling a drop, and then you will make sure he is cleaned up. Marcus smiled down at me, cupping my chin in his big hand.

Arch your back. This is your toilet position. Do not forget it. Then he turned back to Jack. Relief is here. Jack stepped towards me, but Marcus stopped him. Just call him. I got up and walked to him, and then knelt down and assumed the position I had just been taught. Jack unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock, and put it all into my mouth. Not hard, he fit familiarly on my tongue.

I had sucked him off many times when we were dating, but I had never tasted his urine. I closed my mouth onto him. Jack rested his hands on the side of my face and looked into my eyes. I could see he was very excited. You'll have to swallow fast. I had no idea The burst came hot and hard. I hadn't closed my lips tightly enough, and I felt some of his gush drool down my chin. I knew Marcus was watching, but I had no idea how I would be punished. Jack's piss filled my mouth quickly, and I gulped it down as fast as I could so I wouldn't spill any more.

Breaking-in slave kevin

It was warm and strong and very salty, but not as bad as I thought. He seemed to go forever, but finally the flow lessened, and I sucked out the last drops, licking his shaft clean. As he finished, he grabbed the top of my head and my chin in his hands and pushed his cock all the way into my mouth, holding me there for a moment.

He was coming up, and I felt him growing and lengthening into my throat. Once he was fully erect, he held my face in place and began thrusting slowly, holding my mouth tightly on his cock. I just closed my eyes and let him mouth-fuck me like he used to do when we were dating. Jack always had sweet-tasting cum, so I knew I was in for a treat. I didn't have to wait long for him to start cumming.

Jack always liked to get that first shot down my throat, and then pull back and watch the rest of it splatter over my face. He didn't disappoint. He fired a hot stream in my mouth, and then pushed my head back, grabbed his cock, and stroked out a creamy load right across my lips. Then he stepped forward a little, and pressed his cock to my face, smearing my mascara with his load.

I licked the cum off of my lips and smiled at him.

Finally getting what he always wanted

Using my fingers, I guided his pearls into my mouth, sucking the juice off my fingers and savoring his load. He stepped back, pulled up his pants, and went back to loading his cameras. I stood up and walked back to the bed, my high heels clicking on the wood floor, and sat down on the edge, crossing my legs. Just then Marcus came back into the room, carrying a handful of leather equipment.

He knelt down in front of me, and I uncrossed and spread my legs for him.

Without a word, he began buckling black leather ankle restraints onto me, followed by wrist restraints and a collar. All had large, chrome D-rings attached. He then pulled my lacy black bra over my head, and produced a corset. I stood up, and raised my arms while he placed the corset around my waist, turning around when he told me so he could buckle it in place. Reaching from the bottoms of my nipples to the top of my hips, the black studded and laced corset was very sexy. Marcus began cinching up the straps, one by one, pulling them tighter and tighter, squeezing me into it until I was spilling out of both ends.

It was hard to breathe, but I felt very wanton and submissive in it. I couldn't wait to get fucked in it. When I put my hands down, he pulled them behind my back and linked the restraints together. Spinning me around, he stepped back and admired me for a moment, before reaching out with both hands and grabbing my nipples between his fingers.

He Gay toilet slave stories them hard, looking me directly in the eyes. I gasped from the pain. He looked down at my tits and began slowly twisting the nipples, first one way and then the other. I stood very still, letting him work, and I noticed Jack taking pictures. Chin up. Don't look down. Look at the ceiling. That's a good slut. Arch your back more. Push your tits out to me. Offer me your tits. The nipple torture went on until he had them bright pink, very tender, and poking straight out at him.

I could feel his palms rubbing across the tips, followed by light flicks and savage snaps of his fingers. I held my moans in, but I couldn't help but whimper from his handling of me. Eventually he stopped and stood up. He then placed a pair of nipple clamps attached together by a chain onto my sensitive buds, and as he tightened the screws I finally lost control, letting out a high pitched squeal and trembling all over.

My heels suddenly felt very tall, and I felt like I would fall down. Marcus wouldn't allow that. He grabbed me under my arm pits, holding me up on my shaking legs. Quivering, I tried to stand up before him. He tightened the screws on the nipple clamps just a little bit more, then gave the chain a tug to test their grip.

Gay toilet slave stories

Look down at me. My ankles now twisted sidewaystrying gamely to keep my heels on the floor, Marcus reached between my legs and stroked my asshole. Looking up at me, he said, "Offer me your tits. He fingered my puffy snatch while he sucked on my chest, his fingers pushing hard into my hole, twisting and probing.

When he had finally had enough, he stood up in front of me again, helping me back up. Taking me by the nipple chain, he led me back to the bed, facing away from him. Bend forward. Put your face down on the bed. You have permission now to moan or cry out, but if you're too loud, you will have to be gagged. I leaned forward as ordered, my ass angled upwards for him. I felt him move in behind me and take hold of me by the hips, almost immediately followed by his cock being driven up my helpless ass.

Toilet slave

He swatted me across the ass, hard. I tried to be quiet, but it was difficult. The dick was in me too good.

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