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  • Years old:
  • I am 30
  • Nationality:
  • I'm indonesian
  • Iris tone:
  • Clear hazel green
  • What is the color of my hair:
  • I have short hair
  • I prefer to drink:
  • Cider


Kat was woken up from her deep sleep by an odd clicking sound. The last thing she remembered was getting into her master's bed after her heavy rubber bondage session. He had let her sleep in his king size bed if she sucked his huge dick. He wanted to know if she had learnt anything from her humiliation session a far days ago. Kat did not let him down, she soon had her master's cum running down the front of her latex catsuit. Her master went to bed very happy with the training he had given Kat.


We go out for a night, we get into the car, but just before that you bind my hands behind me…. As you drive you put your hand up my dress and start playing with my clit ring, since you have instructed me to wear no panties. We decide, since we have some time to go, to go through the park before dinner and go for a walk.

Right before we get out of the car you attach a short, thick silver chain to my ring. We get out of the car and so no one sees my hands, you put my coat over my shoulders. We walk along the seawall…. We stop for a bit remember it is almost dark at this pointyou tell me to suck on your cock. I do because that is my duty. You cum in my mouth. Once that is done we got Forced butt plug stories to the car. You drive to the restaurant we are having dinner. Before we get out of the car you pull out a dildo and a butt plug and tell me those are to worn until we get home and YOU remove them.

Also my hands are untied for dinner. We have a nice dinner together…near dessert, I excuse myself and go to the ladies room. I return to the table with a devilish grin…. You ask what that is for and I say nothing. It is left alone for a while, then we finish dinner and return to the car…. We get in, you decide to check to see if the plugs were still there, they are not….

Butt plug forced feminization sissy stories

We get home and I am told to get to my room and strip completely hands are untied for now. I do as I am told and sit on the edge of the bed waiting for you. I know I am in trouble……. You walk into the bedroom I am sitting on the bed my hands clasped in my lap, as you approach me you see a questioning look in my eyes. I know you have some kind of punishment planned for me. You see a hint of fear in my eyes as you slide your right hand over my hair and slowly grab my hair pulling my head back so you can look down into my eyes.

My mouth is open I draw in a breath. You run your left hand over my lips and put my fingers in my mouth. I close my mouth and suck on your fingers, then you slide them in and out of my mouth. You slide your fingers wet with my saliva down to my right breast and you wet the nipple rolling it in your fingers.

Caged for freedom 2

Still holding me by the hair you squeeze my nipple until I cry out. You give it a quick hard squeeze and let go. You tell me to lie down in the middle of the bed and you put cuffs on my wrists and ankles. You tie my wrists to the bottom of the headboard. Then you bring my legs back and fasten my ankles to my wrists. I am doubled back, legs wide pussy open and exposed. Above my head at the top of the head board is little pulley with and chain and hook. You pull the chain down and hook it to my clit ring, slowly pull on the chain pulling on my ring.

I am lift my hips to lessen the pull on my clit.

Hitch hiker

You pull the chain just a bit more so my hips dont touch the bed. When I lift my ass I spread the crack of my ass is showing. You walk away for a minute and return with a blindfold. It is placed on me very tight. I then feel you put a ball gag into my mouth because I have lost the privilege of my safeword.

Dinner with master, butt plug to follow

This one is bigger than what I have had before, and you fasten it tighter than usual. You take the bottle of lube you have and spread it all over your right hand. You put your 2 middle fingers in my pussy and twist your hand to feel how tight I am. The tip of your middle finger is at the back of my vagina. I am moving my hips trying to reduce the tension on my clit. You remove your fingers from my pussy and slap my inner thighs just above my pussy where it really stings.

You tell me to be still or you will do it again. I stop moving and you now put 3 fingers in my pussy. I feel the wall gripping your fingers but I do not move. You spread your fingers inside me. You fuck me with your fingers, the muscles of my vagina relax and you put your 4th finger in side me. My juices and the lube are running Forced butt plug stories the crack of my ass and you wet your middle finger of your other hand and slip it in my ass. I jump at the sudden invasion.

Now I am ready.

You pull your hand half way out of me and put your thumb in your palm. You slowly push your hand into me. You feel me tightening as the widest part of my hand starts into me. The way I am spread there is no way I can stop you. Your whole hand is now in me to the wrist. Little moaning sounds are coming from me as you start to fuck me with your fist. Now for the finishing touch.

Forced butt plug stories

You take your finger from my ass and pick up the lube bottle putting plenty on your cock. Then you put the head of your cock against my ass and start to push.

Slowly my ass gives way to you and your cock is sliding into me. When you are completely buried in my ass to your balls, you open your hand inside me and jerk yourself off inside my ass. You pull your cock and hand out of me and walk out of the room. I hear the shower go on. Thirty minutes later you come back in and loosen the chain from my clit ring, but you do not release if completely. I feel you insert a rather large dildo inside me. Just when I think you are done, you place the big butt plug inside me.

You then place the strap tightly around me so the plugs can not be pushed out. I can feel you lean down toward my face and you kiss me on the cheek. You move your face a bit and whisper Good night my love, now you will have some time to think about what you have done. I hear you walk away and the door closes and locks from the outside. Master has left me like this for the night, I think to myself. I just hope he has forgiven me by the morning. I laid on the bed for what seemed hours. All I could think about was how I disappointed Master.

‘butt plug’ stories

How could I have been so selfish, it was what he wanted and I let him down. I hear something outside the door. Then the door unlocks and someone comes in. The door is closed and locked again. I know someone is in the room with me, I can sense it.

The punishment chair 7: rubber hold

There is some rustling around, but no one says anything. Suddenly I can feel someone beside the bed. I think to myself, maybe Master has forgiven me. I feel a hand touch me.

Its not Masters hand, I know his feel. The tension on my clit ring is released. I can tell it was unhooked from the headboard. Then my legs and arms are released and I feel myself calming and feeling relieved that I am being released. But wait, my butt plug and dildo are still deep inside me. Then there is a voice.

I was right, it isnt Master, its Mistress.

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I stumbled over to the showers and opened the tap.