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  • What is my age:
  • 23
  • What is my nationaly:
  • I'm scottish
  • Tint of my iris:
  • Dark hazel green eyes
  • Sex:
  • Girl
  • Figure features:
  • My figure type is quite overweight
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  • Hip hop
  • Smoker:
  • Yes


Birdsong fills this peaceful forest. A small village stands among the watchful trees. Hume recruits for a clan can be found here during the winter months. Upon encounter, Luso suddenly appeared between them. Cid saved the boy by making him the clan, which is adjudged and protected from permanent death. Luso becomes a Soldier and helped the clan defeat the Crushatrice, but Klesta managed to escape before they could finish it.


Quests are the main point of gameplay in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Riftand where battle takes place. There are quests in total, with varied objectives, including fetch quests and round-based missions.

We hunters of the village tried to stop 'im, to no avail. Somebody do somethin', please! You don't need to kill 'im, just drivin' 'im off will do.

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I will trade my magickal earrings for the Ocktor Tome of Medicine in your possession. We will do the deal in Targ Wood.

Oh, and cockatrices spook real easy, so don't bring a whol bunch of folk, or they'll just run off and hide. If that wasn't enough, Mr. Grann's daughter, Fes, can't stand shellings. So I'm sure to catch a pom-pom lashing from both of them, kupo! Helda's one of Mrs. Zamaree's favorites, and you can be sure that if she finds her missing, there will be, well, hell to pay. I need someone to find Helda and bring her back before she's missed!

My poor little Carrot has gone wild all of a sudden and hied off to gods know where!

Her eyes Oh, her eyes were like unto a malboro's! I hope you can bring her back, but if you can't, perhaps you could put her out of her misery? This month: the Field of Hidden Treasures! A place where treasures are said to spring into being beneath the ground This month, we're taking a look at haunted spots, starting with that most forbidding of places, Shadeholme! Um, someone go with me, please!

Note: the actual location of our report will be top secret! This month, I'll be reporting on Galmia Pepe, fashion mavens known for their novel des and commitment to quality. We'll be conducting some stealth interviews to get to the bottom of their unparalleled popularity! This month's special feature: Unlimited Power! What's power? Power in battle! What battles? Clan battles!

We'll be measuring clan power, comparing the clans, and posting our ! Looking for clans to participate in this event! Please help me get him back! I polish him real good every day, so his shell really shines.

Just look for something shiny on the ground and you should find him in no time! Well, that's not entirely true. I've heard rumor that a drake was recently sighted in the Aldanna Range.

I need someone to venture there and discover whether or not it is my dear Goud. Too many is no good. Too few is also no good. This month we're taking a very long, very close look at Prima Donna! Is there anyone who doesn't know the incredibly popular and talented ladies of this singing group? There won't be after this month's issue of Bonga Bugle!

Assistants wanted. I chased down a marked thief, and almost had him, too, when one of his traps tripped me up! Someone please bring him in! You've kept yourselves busy since our last meeting. Care to test your sword arm against us in a speed battle? Or have you lost your edge? Original Soundtrack. Final Fantasy Wiki Explore. VII Remake.

Midgar 7th Heaven. Limit Break Materia. Characters Jobs Races. Contents Characters Jobs Races. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? Edit source History Talk 0. Please expand this article into a full one. The following tasks need to be completed:This request can be discussed on the associated discussion.

Remove this notice upon completion. This section is empty or needs to be expanded. You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by expanding it. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki. Monster in Targ wood! Heriward, Wood Village Hunter. The muskmallow, favored herb for treatment of ague, is again in season.

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Seeking herbalists to venture into Targ Wood and procure a supply. No experience required.

Jylland Apothecary's League. Cactus Fruit x1. Mack, White Mage. I seek someone to deliver medicine to a small village in Targ Wood. I would go myself, but there are those who would steal my secrets-as one who crafts potent potables-and it is deemed dangerous for me to go out and about.

The let's play archive

Please, this one favor I beg of you. Mack, Salve-maker. I seek someone to escort me to Targ Wood, providing protection as necessary. I am off to work for the Imperial League of Physicians in Rozarria, and I would like to visit the places dear to my heart one last time before I leave. Thank you. Mack, Scholar at large. My fields are overrun with cockatrices! I need someone to save my tomatoes! Farmer Colt. My pet shelling, Titoise, has run away, kupo, and I need someone to find him for me! You see, I've been keeping him in secret, kupo. If Mr. Grann finds out, this little moogle is going to be in big trouble.

Keeper Pirillo, Grann's Menagerie. I was cleaning out Helda's pen-one of our hellhounds-and when I finished she was gone!

She must have broken free of her chain, but I know who they'll blame! Keeper Leena, Grann's Menagerie. Oh, it's terrible! Simply terrible!

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Between the ghosts and demons and secret assassin societies and wells that teleport you across the world, what's life like for the normal people of Ivalice?


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