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  • Lager
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Alden P. Ricks, known in Pacific Coast wholesale lumber and shipping circles as Cappy Ricks, had more troubles than a hen with ducklings. He remarked as much to Mr. Skinner received this information in silence.


Some of them are very vague,i dont know what shouthing and thouching the heavens means or what the voice of the sky blessing is,can anyone explain?


For the bit about touching the heavens, try climbing up to the very tip of the Throat of the World. Voice of the Sky is a temporary boost you get by reading all the tablet markers on the path from Ivarstead up to High Hrothgar.

Doing so gets you a bit of favor with Kyne, advancing your shout xp. Once a day, look straight up and shout to gain favor and possibly a dragon soul. The mini quests themselves are tasks you perform to unlock permanent bonuses.

Touching the Sky means you get to the top of the Throat of the World. Across from the fire shout work wall is more climbable mountain along with the unique Notched Pickaxe. Jump to to the very top point and jump up one more.

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You'll get a message and the bonus. Kyne's Fire - at the bridge from Ivarstead leading to High Hrothgar will be a gren flaming brazier. Activate it, and your whirlwind sprint will equip, and your goal is to get inside High Hrothgar within a set amount of time.

Whirlwind Sprint off a ledge.

The key is to fall for 4 seconds afterwards. One place is Bards Leap Summit.

Stand on the planks at the top and WS off. If it worked, you'll reappear back up where you shouted and get a message. Another place is through one of the archways in the College courtyard. Cross the bridge into the courtyard and head left.

A story that tells you how to be one

Look down thru one of the windows. Theres a couple where you can fall into water if you jump. Sprint off of the ledge of one of them, as when you reappear you'll usually slip and fall off the ledge.

The ledge behind the gate you have to sprint through for the Greybeards also works. Found the internet!

How to complete kyne quests in thunderchild? Posted by 2 years ago. Sort by: best.

Voice of the Sky This is in the vanilla game. Look it up in UESP.

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For the book, see Touching the Sky book.


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