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I finally got around to adding the third part. Many more to come! I am also taking much of the advice I have been given. Thanks to all who commented last time! A young man obtains a dose of concentrated breast growth formula for his girlfriend


Author's Note: Alright everyone, welcome to my first fic. I've had a bit of experience writing stuff like this just for fun, but never anything quite so unique as what is about to come. I have a more detailed description of how I am writing this fic, and how I'm majorly changing a few of the characters from Eiken, but I don't feel like putting all of that in an Author's Note, so if you want to know, check my profile. I was little surprised that out of all the "adjectives" used to describe a fic the two ones that will be making big appearances in this fic, which are breast expansion and lactation, were not on there, so if that's not your thing, turn back now.

For those of you who decide to keep reading, enjoy! And give me a review if you like. It'd always been a bit weird for Chiharu around the Eiken clubhouse, and today was no exception to the matter. Another one of Kirika's hairbrained schemes has Densuke out doing who knows what in who knows who's clothing Chiharu didn't even want to think about it as she shook her head, tossing memories of locker rooms Brest expantion fic crossdressing from her head, her long red hair tussling slightly into her eyes.

Brushing the long locks from her eyes, she looked up into the sky, noting the dark clouds quickly approaching her, and being slightly relieved that it was almost the weekend. She needed the time off to get away from all the hecticity of school, Brest expantion fic the Eiken club, and She may have to deal with her sister, but it was better than some of the craziness that happens during the week. And it was a holiday weekend, too! Three days away from crazy schemes, near-death experiences Yuriko got more and more lecherous and annoying almost every day, it seemed, and with her consistent growth, Chiharu got groped more and more by her excited sister more often than ever.

She tried to keep the fact that she had to upgrade a size in bras a secret as long as possible. That lasted about three hours before her sister got into her closet, noticing the newer tag and size, ending in a ram chase through the house and Chiharu tried to both retrieve her new undergarments whilst dodging any attempts at physical affirmation of the new size.

She knew she wouldn't stop growing soon, still being so young, but it still made her jump slightly when she was told she was measuring at cm 43 inches. She was almost as big as Komoe! She did calm herself though as she was reminded she wasn't nearly as short or young, and shivered when she thought about just how large the young 6th grader would end up being when she turned Chiharu's age.

If anything, it was getting faster! She kind of wished some of the growth would go to her height It was tempting to try and diet away some of it, but if she were anything like her mother, it would be in vain It wasn't as if she were changing her diet too much Strangely, her sister was more than willing to take her out to lunch Half the time she knew Yuriko was sneaking glances at her breasts, and while it bothered her slightly, she was starting to become a bit desensitized to it.

She knew it would happen, but as long as she wasn't aggressively groped in public, it didn't bother her too much. Most people snuck glances at her It wasn't just that After a while, she though that maybe she'd get used to it, but the constant growth just made it that more awkward for her. Walking along the boardwalk back to the Eiken club to pick up her things for the weekend, Chiharu continued to keep her eyes to the sky, tracing the outlines of the quickly moving clouds as the sky began to pale.

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Because of the aerial distraction, she failed to notice her sister sneaking ahead of her through the bushes, a large package in her hands, and a wide smirk on her face. Her short, skinny body allowed her to maneuver in between the bushes and trees with speed her sister would never be able to manage It may have set her back a few thousand yen, but Yuriko didn't mind.

Her little odd jobs and things that she did for Kirika gave her enough money to do what she wanted for the most part. And with Brest expantion fic new realization of her sister's new bras and the discovery of her growth Thanks to Kirika's advice and some helpful links on the internet, she stumbled upon a brand new idea, and thanks to Chiharu's naivety, it would work perfectly.

Stepping as carefully as she could as she ran towards the clubhouse, making sure none of her surprise would be ruined, she finally arrived, noting that her sister was so far behind she could barely see her. It was perfect.

Quietly creaking the door open, she noted that Kirika had kept up her end of the bargain: there was nobody in sight. Most people would assume most of them had left for the long weekend, but Yuriko knew better. She tiptoed with a slight bounce, her whole body jumping, her short skirt flittering up above her waist every time she jumped, to the lone table in the center of the entryway, darting her eyes back and forth in futility, knowing full well nobody would be around to see her. Placing her package carefully on the table, a slight clank was heard as what seemed to be porcelain hitting wood.

Pulling the sheet off her item, it revealed a large platter of plump pork dumplings, steam rising slightly from their relevant freshness. About twenty or so of the hacky-sack sized confections Brest expantion fic upon the plate, tossed feverishly upon the platter, proof as one rolled from the top and slid towards the edge of the table, caught just in the nick of time by Yuriko's quick reflexes undoubtedly trained with all her attacks on her sister.

She squeezed the confection slightly, juice squirting up into the air and onto her nose. Shocked, she quickly wiped the grease from her nose and placed the dumpling back on the platter, jumping back and making sure she hadn't ingested any.

Sighing in relief, she tiptoed back towards the door before sprinting back to the table and pulling out a small. After placing it in front of the platter, she quietly exited, her smirk wider than ever.

Breast expansion

A few minutes later, Chiharu finally entered the clubhouse, her eyes finally having a reason to tear from the distracting movements of the looming rain, hoping she'd be able to leave before the downpour began.

Her thoughts of where her sister might be, and if she would be able to get home alright were strewn from her mind when she entered, two things being strangely off-kilter: The clubhouse was oddly quiet, especially for a Friday afternoon, and that a delicious scent was wafting towards her from a plate of confections in the middle of the room.

Slowly walking over, she lifted the to her eyes as she tried to adjust to the light change in the bright room, reading the slight note. From Densuke? That was awkward Was this it? To try and impress her? As she inhaled deeply, it Brest expantion fic would be a success if these dumplings were as tasty as they were enticing.

Putting the small paper to the side, she leaned forward on the edge of the table with one hand as the other reached forward and grabbed a slightly misshapen confection from the top, bringing it to her nose to take another deep inhale of the beautiful scent, steam rising into her eyes lightly as she tilted her head back just the tiniest amount. Her full lips parted with a slight click of saliva unconsciously forming from the scent and she placed the dumpling between her teeth and bit in carefully, whatever juice left from Yuriko's experimentation squirting into her mouth and dousing her tongue with untold flavor, her teeth slicing the plump delicacy into her maw.

In a completely uncharacteristic act, she moaned in the quietest manner as the flavor coursed through her veins. She could help but stick the other half of the morsel in her mouth and begin to chew vigorously, trying to extract every bit of flavor from the treat before looking down and realizing there was still a plateful of the treats, just for her.

How well Densuke had done, indeed! She hadn't been this happy for the longest time, and a slight smile crept upon her face as she lent further forward, her large breasts pressing into her arm as she nabbed two more of the dumplings between her fingers and brought them to her mouth, pausing only slightly to wiff the delicious scent before shoving them into her mouth, sucking her fingers slightly as not to waste any of the Brest expantion fic.

She chewed with the same reckless abandon as she had with the first dumpling, continuing on to her third and fourth, sixth, twelfth, until she was finally holding the final dumpling, not a bit of grease or juice landing anywhere except for inside her mouth, her tongue coated with thick grease and flavor, it working rapidly to lick whatever wasn't on it from her teeth and lips, her smile continuing as she pressed her chest harder into her arm, the flesh starting to encompass her slim elbow, her plush rear dancing slightly as she took a large, final sniff of the confection before daintily plopping it into her mouth and chewing slowly before swallowing a final time.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

As the greasy dumpling slid down her throat she bowed herself into the table slightly from the tasteful pleasure, something she had never imagined experiencing, especially from food! It wasn't until she finally stood, her large breasts coming back to rest heavily on her chest that she realized just how much she ate.

Taking a glance in the clubhouse mirror, she noticed a slight bulge of her stomach from her binging, having only the slightest of remorse as she remembered just how much she enjoyed the last Her eyes widened as she saw the clock, and moved Brest expantion fic quickly as she could with her uncomfortably pleasurably full stomach, collecting all her things in her pack before returning to the main room.

She looked at it for a few moments, thinking about how thoughtful Densuke was to give her such a delicious treat before the weekend Rubbing her stomach lightly, she walked out and began her light walk home, her eyes looking back up to the skies again only to realize that the light gloom had turned to a dark, brooding cover of storm clouds. She realized it's be best to run home, but with her stomach as uncomfortably full as it was, that'd be impossible without her getting sick, and the last thing she wanted to do was waste the confections Densuke had been thoughtful enough to put so much work into making for her She didn't want to lose that, that's for certain.

Her happiness didn't Brest expantion fic however, and a slight bounce in her step caused the rest of her to bounce as she walked home, her large breasts jiggling within the confines of her bra, feeling lucky that rain had yet to fall as she entered the small woods between her school and home. Yet, along with the discomfort of her full stomach and its awkward gurglings, her bra was feeling a little uncomfortable, the straps pulling just a littler harder on her shoulders and back than they had earlier.

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She chalked it up to worry, but couldn't help but wonder if she was growing again. Fifteen minutes into her walk, she finally began to feel drops. Worried, since her slow pace had put her only halfway home, she decided to try and find some thick trees to try and keep herself relatively dry. Her meal starting to lessen the strain on her stomach, she fiddled with her bra almost every minute as it became increasingly uncomfortable as she continued to walk underneath a roof of trees, the light pitter-patter of rain her only sound companion.

Every now and then a drop would land on her, but a light wetness wouldn't hurt her. The only issue would be the opening between the woods and her house, but she felt she could deal with that when it got—.

Chiharu winced slightly as her bra clasp pinched her. She rubbed her back lightly, regretting she had worn the one that had the clasp in the rear today. Yet she found it was getting harder and harder to adjust the undergarment, her hands fiddling with the clasp, having a difficult time pulling the pinching aggressor off of her skin without pain coursing through her front getting squished far too tight.

However, she had to ignore at she reached the edge of the woods, right before the small clearing before her house. Her stomach was feeling a lot less uncomfortable, but her bra felt like a boa constrictor had wrapped about her chest.

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