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  • I am 57
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  • I love shy guy
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  • I like to drink red wine
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Bad Dragon Ana Valens. It looks even better in person. Its silicone build is thick yet soft. The head gives way to a thin frenulum, followed by a bulbous trunk and flared base.

The toy is made-to-order and hand-poured with high-end body-safe silicone. There are dildos, and then there are Bad Dragon dildos. In the fantasy sex toy world, Bad Dragon is synonymous with anthropomorphic sex. Know Your Meme erroneously credits the company with inventing dragon-themed dildos in the first dragon dildo dates back to at least Its leadership is also unmistakably queer, as are its intentions.

From the very start, its products were purposefully deed with queer men in mind.

But a queer company is still a company. Sex historian Hallie Lieberman notes the very first sex toys came from the Upper Paleolithic period 30, years ago in parts of modern-day Germany and Eurasia. The furry community is an enormous umbrella that includes a wide assortment of people, from those who dress up in furry suits fursuiters to fandom artists.

The furry fandom predates the internet, as do its queer roots. As the con grew in popularity over the years, so did moral panic about its queerness. Furry porn is also conducive to experimentation with sexual technology.

Furry sex toy tester

Some even modified their suits specifically for intercourse. Fursuit sex intersected with another DIY sexual community in the furry fandom: plushophilia, a sexual fetish for plushie objects like stuffed animals or furry costumes. It only makes Anthro sex toys that furries would keep pushing the boundaries for sex tech.

By the turn of the 21st century, furries turned inward, looking to not just refine their DIY sex tech skills but to monetize them. Zeta Creations, now known as Zeta Pawsopened its online doors in Zeta is no Amazon: Like many small businesses with custom order products, getting your fantasy sex toy can be a bit of a wait. One Reddit thread from late shows customers claiming they waited from eight months to a full year for their toys, and a poster in acknowledged similar issues. Straight cisgender women could barely find brands creating high-end niche goods, let alone furries.

Bad dragon’s kingdom of fantasy sex toys is caged by ‘queer’ capitalism

Other companies soon followed. FurryStyle emerged in Then came FetishZone in They focused on community-rearing and sharing techniques. Many bought toys from each other and encouraged their customers to shop from their colleagues.

The more competition, the argument went, the better for everyone. Furries traditionally perceived the world through an us-versus-them mindset, and for good reason.

The condemnation brought furries closer together and encouraged retailers and customers to see one another as participating in a unified subculture, not a customer-service relationship. Do people want us fucking ourselves with the Zeta toys we all know and love, or would people rather we go out and find the real thing? And while not every furry is queer, some of the biggest names and companies in the furry community certainly are. That was especially true for Bad Dragon.

That includes imageboard e and kink and roleplay site F-Listrespectively. Created inBad Dragon sells realistic, boutique fantasy sex toys and accessories. Many of its toys mirror real animals, like horses and dogs, but most are purely fantastical: dragons, tentacle creatures, sea monsters, even demons.

It was time Anthro sex toys a change. So Varka brainstormed his own lineup prioritizing silicone toys. The idea excited Herpy users at the time. While furry sex toys were already available online, no one in the furry community tried to create a high-end, detail-oriented fantasy sex toy line that promised an immersive experience bordering on realism. Zeta was nice, sure, but this was about turning sexual fantasies into near-realities. But he did tap into a niche that no high-end adult store cared to touch.

And he struck big. Bad Dragon launched in Juneand one month later at Anthroconits toys were the talk of the convention. In the end, we sold around two dozen toys.

The 11 best places to (discreetly) buy sex toys online in

From a public stall, in the middle of thousands of other people. Sincebody-safe silicone has become an industry standard. Dozens upon dozens of small fantasy toy retailers have cropped up offering their own products to a specific niche.

Communal sharing can even give birth to new companies. Customers tend to agree, and it can even expand their sexual preferences. Data from Pornhub confirms this to be the case. The Daily Dot found the top 25 Bad Dragon searches provided by Pornhub generally refer to names,and adjectives for specific toys, as well as unboxing and review videos.

This is perhaps a testament to brand loyalty for the product. Varka saw his fellow sex toy retailers as colleagues and friends.

But early on, furries stoked competition between Bad Dragon and other companies. Runa, while fiery, was a popular community member. He was also notorious for lashing out at customers both on the forums and within support tickets. Its executives chose the former.

Some left the forums. From an outside perspective, this comes off as a weak compromise at best, exploitative at worst. I can see the discord going on behind the scenes.

Bad dragon’s kingdom of fantasy sex toys is caged by ‘queer’ capitalism

You never, ever want your customers to see that. Discord became an ongoing problem. Despite being much more level-headed than their predecessor, SemJay struggled to balance mod responsibilities with their customer service duties. A pattern was emerging: Bad Dragon could make very good toys, but it lacked ethical management.

Shipping and production woes became an ongoing issue as customers complained their orders were coming in slowly or held for processing. November is one of two months when the company sees the highest dissatisfaction rate. Wait times remain a consistent issue in part because of how the company invests money: in growth. At best, Varka lacked sensitivity.

The 11 best places to (discreetly) buy sex toys online in

After a forum user openly complained that her order was sent with incorrect details, she was banned from both posting on the site and making any additional orders with Bad Dragon. Kamo, then serving as general manager, was responsible for the decision. But when we see repeat offenses, then it is time to take action, which we have, and will be doing as we continue. Varka later posted a thread shedding further light on the issue, acknowledging that the company mishandled the situation. It was a business, and it ultimately wanted to make money. Over the next few years, multiple Tumblr posts emerged detailing a laundry list of allegations against the company.

Bya website named nobd. As the name implies, The Adolescent simulates sex with a dragon who may be underage. What even is underage with a dragon? But then even making arguments like that makes me feel icky.

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But with this particular manufacturer, you should get a safe, genuine product as long as you buy from their Amazon seller, High Quality Hardware.


Once we started doing some research on sex toys, we realized that we lived in somewhat of a sexual bubble.


Sexy Sex Sites 1.


From furry tail plugs to puppy play masks, these furry sex toys will have you saying "WTF?