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Update: In no way are we condoning the actions of the young boy in this video. Since this story broke there have been several people on both sides of the fence about this subject. While some saw it as harmless fun because Bliss and Nia Jax were seen laughing about this incident by some fans, others have a differing opinion. The fact is if this was a man rather than a young boy the story would be much different. It is inappropriate to touch someone in this manner without consent. But the clip is what it is.


Alexa bliss reveals her and nia jax's reaction to a little kid slapping her ass at wwe live event

This is extremely disrespectful, I told you all about how fans stare at the divas asses on TV which is highly disrespectful now fans are slapping asses. When I watch divas matches in person or on tv, I respect the divas and don't even dare look and their ass or "behind". Because it's wrong.

Now fans in person are looking at the divas asses, are you serious?

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They don't pick the attire they use so you're exploiting them for no reason. They're for entertainment, not to jerk off to.

I hope this fan is banned from any WWE event. That is disrespectful, but Nia Jax was about to start laughing as she was walking back up the ramp. I think it's as disrespectful to call them "divas", they are women's superstars you sexist pig.

Kid just gave her the good game butt tap that men even give each other in sports. Quit projecting your perversions on the world.

Alexa bliss reveals her reaction to getting spanked by child fan

Not everything is sexual, you deviant. How dare you accuse this poor innocent child from a gg tap. If it were you, you'd probably be smelling your hand after it.

Lol i love the women in skimpy attire argument. Not like the guys have been wearing speedos since forever.

I mean there is some serious grape smuggling going on in the WWE for years. There's nothing wrong with admiring their bodies, they're actors, they arent ugly for a reason.

Alexa bliss ass slapped gifs

But yeqj, hopefully that guy is on a list now. I don't think that kid was a teenager It's hard not to look when sometimes it's the only thing in the shot. Found the internet! Posted by 4 years ago.

Alexa bliss comments on getting slapped on the butt by a young wwe fan, glow stars answer the web’s most searched questions

Sort by: best. Reply Share. Kid has balls.

Not okay but mad jealous. Obvious troll is obvious. I mean, it was right there. I know it's disrespectful, but that kid is lucky. Do you do anything besides complain?

Alexa bliss’ reaction to kid slapping her butt in viral video

This is old news. Yes, mad props for sexual assault lmao. Guess who this guy voted for.

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Nonetheless Bliss is back on top of the RAW women's division for a third time and is looking to create more "Moments Of Bliss" during her reign as champion.


That's such an awkward question to ask.


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There have always been situations at wrestling events where fans get too carried away or too involved in the action, and even with increased security, it is still happening all the time.