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While we accept all fiction of all ratings, we cater to those who prefer the more romantic and fiendishly dark fictions whose ratings won't allow them to be placed on many other StarWars specific forums.


Stay On Target was a Star Wars fanfiction link site with more than links to Star Wars fanfiction, fanartmailinglistswebrings and more. Over stories. Mostly Qui-gon oriented stories. Suitable for all audiences, unless otherwise noted.

Squick Alert. Audience must be over 18 to enter.

You must be of legal age to enter. Some NC sories. Organized chronologically or by author. Also crossovers.

Stay on target

Must visit. Really cool site!

Slash Archive Fan fiction by Brendan J. Organized by author. Stories featuring Mara Jade. No NC stories. Some NC stuff. Mostly around PG Nothing over PG General,adult and slash fiction. Must be of legal age to go to the stories.

Adult fanfiction star wars

Stories under PG Organized by title and author Mostly NC Fan Fiction by Alison M. PG - G rated. Fanfic by author and saga.

Adult stories are on a seperate. Mostly G - PG rated. All stories rated PG. Also a featured fic and information on the Jedi Apprentice novels. No slash or smut. The fanzine must be in print and available for at least one year before the story can be posted to this site.

The fanzine title and the year it appeared are listed for each story. of stories now indexed: This site is primarily dedicated to our favorite Corellian, Han Solo, but stories about other Star Wars characters and drawn from Harrison Ford's other movies are also listed. This non-profit site archives PG13 and R rated material and is recommended for adults only. PG or R rated. No slash, no smut. Stories by title,author and age. G to NC Some stories NC Mostly PG or G. Tales of Rogue and Wraith squadron.

Humor,drama and romance. Adults section on seperate .

Contains some slash. Search author or title. Choose English, French or German. The general fiction is organized by author.

Adult fanfiction star wars

The adult section by author, title or date. Seperate adults section. Contains slash. Contain slash. Some slash. A master and apprentice : Always two there are ,no more,no less Downtime : the pilots lounge from Echostation. No adult stories. The Force. Bail Now! Go Rogue! Fiction about imperials.

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Leia Organa fan fiction. Mostly Luke stories. Remove cat from lap. No slash. Anakin or Vader fiction. Contains adult material. Alphabetical order. Some adult stories. The Westies From Hell! Jade Crusades 2. Some stories not suited for minors. For adult readers only. For adult readers.

Wonderful JA stories. Stories listed by author. For adult audiences only.

Star Wars Genesis 2. Oooh, I just wished there was a slash game with Qui rescuing Obi And for people to find sites easily. Info on prequels, special editions and characters.

Give what you can.

Every related to Star Wars in a serious way is welcome. You must be female and have a Star Wars dedicatedand it must be a very good, very decent site. Not every fan shrine will be allowed to. These are selective sites, tasteful and well constructed.

Stay on target

If you don't have a Star Wars web, you may also the Jedi Grrls clik! Visit us today and may the force be with you!

If you have a star wars this is the site for you! Be it devoted to Leia, Luke Han or even Jabba we'll welcome you into the ring! Posted it on your web? Then this is the ring for you! We're looking to all those sites featuring touching stories of romance and adventure set in 'A Galaxy Far, Far Away'.

Sites focus on one or all of these topics. All Star Wars sites welcome. An archive is defined as any site that hosts at least two authors, or two seperate fandoms, or five seperate series. Adult and Slash are welcome warning must be provided. Our stories are safe for ages 13 ans up, some are G.

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Saving the world is a thankless job, that leaves you with little time for study.


The latest entry into the star wars canon features a new female character whose charms are not lost on anakin skywalker the jedi general on the brink of becoming the baddest bad guy the galaxy has ever known.


While AFF and its agents attempt to remove all illegal works from the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, there is always the possibility that some submissions may be overlooked or dismissed in error.


While AFF and its agents attempt to remove all illegal works from the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, there is always the possibility that some submissions may be overlooked or dismissed in error.